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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 13. 1961.

"Kick the Bums Out!"

"Kick the Bums Out!"

Dwyer to Move No-Confidence Motion?

A special General Meeting of the Victoria University Students' Association has been called. On Wednesday, September 6 (7.30, Memorial Theatre) there will be an attempt to pass a vote of no confidence in the executive. The present executive has been in office for only a short while. What happened? Extracts of a letter printed below reveal the circumstances leading to this move to get rid of our executive. The letter was written by the secretary of the Association, Mr Moriarty, and addressed to Mr W. Dwyer and members of the Anarchist Association.

Mr W. Dwyer and Members of the Anarchist Association, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington.

Dear Bill,—The application for affiliation made by your Association was considered by the Executive at its meeting on Thursday, August 3, 1961.

The matter was first raised under correspondence where the following was moved:

Moved—Moriarty/K. Clark:

"That the V.U.W. Anarchist Association be affiliated to this Association."

After some discussion it was decided to circulate the constitution around the table before voting.


"That the matter lie upon the table."

The constitution had been read by all the members of the Executive by the time the matter was brought up by Mr Stone under General.


"That the motion lying on the table be now taken up."

It was then moved—O'Brien/Moriarty.

"That the V.U.W. Anarchist Association be granted affiliation to this Association."

(I realise that this was bad procedure but it was 12.30 Friday morning by this time).

Considerable discussion ensued until it was moved—Jeffcott/Stubbs.

"That the motion be now put."


The substantive motion was then I put and

Lost (7-2).

It was then moved—Picton/Jeffcott.

"That a letter be sent to the person applying for affiliation of an Anarchist Association explaining that the procedure of affiliation denies the aims of the proposed association and that we will guarantee them the same privileges as other clubs as regards room bookings."


As you can see the motive for our declining Is mainly a feeling that the affiliation of your association could only do it harm. Most members felt that it was not in consonance with the declared aims of your movement and preferred to establish a mutual relationship between the Students' Association and your members whereby the latter could have full use of Students' Association facilities without binding themselves to the onerous rules and regulations of this bureaucratic and highly organised society which I must agree is definitely "petrified by routine" and red tape.

However, I repeat the assurance given you by Mr Mitchell and myself last Monday, that if it is still your desire to be affiliated, then the matter will be brought up at our next meeting. When the Executive learns that you still strongly desire affiliation I would expect this to be granted immediately.

Yours faithfully,

M. J. Moriarty, Secretary.

What will Happen?

The draft agenda includes the fallowing motions:
1."That this Special General Meeting grant affiliation, retrospective to July 31, 1961, to V.U.W. Anarchist Association."
2."That this Special General Meeting of the Students' Association has no confidence in the Executive of the Association."
3."That a sub-committee of the Association be delegated to prepare amendments to the Constitution to bring It into accord with the principles and aspirations of a free association. That this sub-committee number 10 members and be elected forthwith and report back to a further General Meeting within one month of this meeting."
4."That a copy of the Constitution be handed to every member at the commencement of the Academic Year."


The fifth motion, a counter-attack on Dwyer by the executive, reads:

"That a new clause be added to Section 23.

(3) Every affiliated body shall have a President or Club Captain, a Secretary, and a Treasurer; these officers together with any other members that the Club might appoint to be known as the Committee. On the appointment of these officers, the Secretary of the Association shall be notified of the personnel concerned and of any changes which might occur from time to time."

A Separate Issue

The sixth motion is a miscellaneous missile aimed at the compulsory donation to W.U.S.. It rescinds the constitutional amendment passed at the last A.G.M.

6."That the following words be deleted from Section 6 (1) of the Constitution:—"A fee of 1/6 shall also be paid by each student such fee to be a contribution to World University Service provided that any student may decline to pay such a fee if he or she so desires. This fee shall also be paid to the Registrar when other University fees are paid."

The circumstances leading to this move to oust executive have been investigated by "Salient."

What are Mr Dwyer's motives? Can it be due to the Russian visit? Do you think the executive should be ousted? Salient suggests that you come to the Special General Meeting and find out for yourself.


Someone has suggested that this move to get rid of our executive is part of the present antagonism entertained by some students towards the religious societies. Usually reliable sources have also revealed that there are whispers the "quiet room" in the Student Union Building may in some ways be connected with this wave of bitterness against the executive.

The mystery is deepened by the fact that Mr O'Regan (a former Publications Officer in the 1960-61 executive) is among 'he signatories of the petition calling for the general meeting.