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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 12. 1961.

No Disarmament-Yet

No Disarmament-Yet

Sir,—Thank you for the opportunity to see Mr Gager's article. It is the best effort I have seen him produce yet. Last time I pulled his leg, and he has now rather effectively pulled mine. As we have wandered somewhat from the original argument, I do not think a direct reply to his present article is required.

I would like to place my views on the subject more clearly for the benefit of Mr Gager. Our democracy is not perfect, as no system can be. I do not disapprove of anyone taking a public stand against the injustice that may arise in our society, whether the stand takes the form of a demonstration or otherwise. However, I do disapprove of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament very strongly.

I am convinced that nuclear weapons have, by their pressure, not their use, prevented a major war up to date and thus have saved many lives. I am also convinced that if we were to abandon the present defence policy that a major war on a wider scale than World War II would be inevitable. Therefore, on humanitarian grounds, nuclear disarmament, especially on a uniteteral scale is strongly opposed until such time as conditions permit such a step to be taken. Those who are swayed by C.N.D. arguments are ignorant of the real issues involved.

Yours, etc.,

Peter Phipps.