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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 12. 1961.

Winter Arts Festival 1961

Winter Arts Festival 1961

It's here again Winter Arts Festival: the major event of the University year, at least, for those in the right circles—or with a fringe of culture. For the benefit of the unenlightened and the uninitiated Arts Festival is the annual New Zealand inter-varsity festival of drama, literary societies, music, art, debating, chess, modern languages, drama, jazz and law. This year Massey are the hosts, and with a variety of less "serious" events (but of course more important) organised for a really disorganised time it all promises to be magnificent.

Here is a brief outline of the programme: see the main notice board for details.


Everyone arrives, by hook or by crook, or the 8.30 a.m. train from Wellington.

2 p.m.: Official Tournament opening. That's for the sporting types with no culture.

8 p.m.: Official Arts Festival opening. Law functions started at 3.30 p.m.

8 p.m.: Jazz Dance and Jam session.


2 p.m.: Bus Tour: Massey campus and farms. Opening of Art and Photography—open every day of Festival.

4 p.m.: Inter-Varsity bed-pushing down Fitzherbert Ave.

7 p.m.: Church Service.

8.30 p.m.: Arts Festival Film: "The Paths of Glory."


9 a.m.: Chess tournament begins on every day.

10.30 a.m.: Recorded Classics play: "The Bacchae."

12 noon: Films.

3.30 p.m.: Music Discussion.

8 p.m.: Drama Festival. Vic. is entering: what will happen?


12 noon: Recorded music concert. Wednesday also.

4 p.m.: Literary discussion. Wednesday also.

8 p.m.: Drama Festival, Music concert


12 noon: Organ recital also.

7.30 p.m.: Joynt Scroll: The debating event.

7.30 p.m.: Modern Languages, Drama: French Club effort.

8 p.m.: Jazz Concert.


Films, music, literature, etcetra, etchetera, et-chet. This of course is not just for the competitors: we must have an audience to cheer us when others won't. So this is for anyone who turns up in Palmerston North, August 12-17 (first week of Varsity holidays.)

Keren Clark.