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Salient: At Victoria University College, Wellington, N. Z. Vol. 24, No. 10. 1961.

Social Credit

Social Credit

Sir,—One bright light which has recently appeared on the intellectual horizon of the University is the appearance of the Victoria University of Wellington Social Credit Club. For the University this is significant and encouraging because it shows that the spirit of inquiry—the "Nullius in Verba" of the Royal Society—the practice of scientific investigation, at least in the economic sphere, is not dead.

The club originated from a handful of students whose concern for economic trends and policies in New Zealand and overseas was such that they felt it was tine something was done to express the dissatisfaction that a large majority of the students feel about orthodox financial policy.

The programme that the V.U.W. S.C.C. has set itself is to bring before the student body the absurdities, contradictions and frustrations of contemporary economics and to demonstrate in debate, on the speakers' platform and per medium of publicity the superiority of a new economic system based on sound scientific principles—Social Credit.

In propounding such views the Social Credit club will flaunt tradition and scorn orthodoxy but for the sake of economic sanity, social welfare and international harmony its radicalism should be more than welcome.

The Social Credit club is non-religious, non-racial and will attempt to be as non-political as its principles allow.

An invitation is extended to students to attend meetings which will be held regularly throughout the year; and membership, a challenge to the thinking student, is free.

G. J. Dempsey,

President, V.U.W.S.C.C.