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Salient: At Victoria University College, Wellington, N. Z. Vol. 24, No. 10. 1961.

Moral Rearmament [Letter to Salient. Vol. 24 No. 10. 1961]

Sir,—The trouble with most fundamentalist sects is that they see the world in two colours only. It is to this that I attribute Frank Buchmann's (wealthy leader of M.R.A.) vision of Hitler as an angel sent to rescue the world from the devil Stalin. I adopt this view, rather than the more uncharitable one that Buchmann found Hitler's political, economic and racial policies most akin to his own, because I am a charitable person.

By the way, Mr Caughey, how many Jewish members are there in M.R.A.?

I wonder what was the motive that inspired General Jouhard (French M.R.A. spokesman) to participate in the abortive Algerian revolt? To overthrow General De Gaulle, communist puppet, or to show his great love of humanity by shooting his coloured Algerian Moslem brothers?

Communism must be fought sir, but cannot be by the foolish philosophy of M.R.A. or by the money-oriented, publicity-minded members of M.R.A.

Yours, etc.,

V. G. Maxwell.