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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

Extrav — Like Wow

Extrav — Like Wow

It seems about time that someone looked at the Extrav. from the other side, from the inside for a change.

Naturally I'm all for Extrav.— it's great, it's fantastic, in fact it's Extrav. Which leads me to question a point made in the last issue, that referring to the fact that one year in the show in usually enough for women. Admittedly, the proportion of returning women is lower than that of men, yet that fact alone hardly warrants the conclusion reached. (For one thing women usually get married sooner). Actually I have never met either mail or woman who ever had anything to do with Extrav. and not been bitten by the bug. We all want to come back next year. And for those of you who think Extrav. is all beer and sin, I suggest you join us and see for yourself.

I'll tell you what Extrav. has done for me:

  • It has brought me in contact with many people, giving me new friends and greater social confidence.
  • It has made me work as part of a team where we've all got to pull together.
  • It has made me forget myself—climb out of myself—in my effort to help put the show across.
  • It has given me more good times in two months than one usually has in a year.

Salient's policy is not anti-Extravaganza as I have pictured it. It is, however, anti-Extrav. administration, and justifiably so. Extrav. has been guilty of strong arm tactics on several occasions, and directed toward several autonomous organisations. Even from within the cast I have fell this. If Extrav. wants the use of a room, or building, or anything else, Extrav. gets it, regardless. We should, I think, take this as a warning. So we're great, so we're stupendous. So let's not get too fat-headed about it just the same.