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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

Executive Meeting May 25, 1961

page 4

Executive Meeting May 25, 1961

This was the first Executive meeting held in the new executive room. Executive members thought the chairs were very, very comfortable. They sat in them for five and a half hours till half-past twelve while they ambled through the agenda.

A wide range of topics was covered.

Charity Collection

Mrs Smith, the President of the Wellington After Care Association collected the cheque for the proceeds of the Procesh. charity collection. She thanked the students, explaining that this was the first street collection ever held on their behalf. She invited any social science students along to the association's centre to view the work they are doing for intellectually handicapped children.


Dr. Williams popped in. He had been invited along to the first meeting by Mr Mitchell. He was thanked for the furnishings. He replied, expressing his appreciation for being present at "this historic occasion."

Candidates' Meeting

A letter from John Ross, Salient sub-editor was received, suggesting a meeting just before the elections at which candidates and their nominators could speak and expound their platforms. Executive agreed to sponsor this meeting in the Memorial Theatre at a date to be arranged. Watch for it—this could be both interesting and entertaining.

The Social Credit Club, with a foundation membership was affiliated to the Association.

A motion concerning the proposed change of name of this University is to be put on the A.G.M. agenda. This also could be controversial.

The University Women's Club was thanked for their proposed gift to the women's common room. Misses Frost, Reidy and Picton were all up in arms because they felt they were being rushed into choosing the furnishings by the men on the committee. They were given time and authority to settle the matter themselves with the Club.

Because the Treasurer wasn't present no routine financial matters could be passed.

Students' Thefts

Miss Frost presented the accounts for the Capping Ball supper (£496) and for the Graduands' Supper (£60). To this last item she added £5 for breakages. She pointed out that 25 dozen cups or saucers went missing in a period of 10 weeks in the temporary Little Theatre cafeteria. Glasses were also stolen from the two capping week functions, but the contractor has had to bear those losses.


The budget was presented together with a list of club grants. Among the grants deferred was that of the Commerce Faculty Club, which Mr O'Brien said was the worst application presented— there were not even any acounts.

Arts Festival

Money (£30) for publicising the Open House Arts Festival was approved. There will be conducted tours of the University during this week. Any students interested in acting as guides even if for only an hour or so each day should get in touch with Mr D. Flude.

In late June or early July there will be a Vocational Guidance Week to be arranged by the Public Relations Officer, Mr Tannahill.

House Committee

Regulations governing the use of the new building are being drawn up. As a result of a letter from the religious clubs, the name of the Quiet Reading Room will be changed to Quiet Room, and instructions regarding its furnishing were passed on to the Management Committee.


Suggestions for improvements were taken; a post-box was suggested; also boxes from the Dominion and Evening Post; and a medical cabinet is to be bought or hired.

Pies, Peas and Spud

A letter complaining about the cost of this dish had been received. Sixty-five students had signed it. After some argument involving the relative price structures of different parts of New Zealand and other obstruse details concerning the economics of the catering trade, it was decided to request a report from the Management Committee.


The Blues list was presented by Mr Brooker, chairman of Sports Council. One startling omission, that of J. B. Souter, who has been awarded a N.Z. Blue was questioned by Mr Dawkins. Mr Brooker explained that the Tennis Club had not nominated him. After some discussion, executive directed the Blues Committee to consider the award of a blue to J. B. Souter at the next meeting of the committee.

Sports Officer

Sports Council also made some suggestions in its report. They wanted to see the Sports Officer elected by the Sports Clubs and sports finance to be dealt with in Sports Council rather than in the Finance Committee. In a quick run around the table, members gave their opinion of the suggested change in the mode of election of the Sports Officer.

Miss Reidy: against it because it created a dangerous precedent in other spheres, e.g. Cultural Affairs.

Mr Dawkins: against it.

Mr O'Brien: supported it because this was the same procedure as at the national level.

Mr Mitchell: supported it because it guaranteed an officer who knew his business. He thought a Cultural Affairs Officer should be elected in this way too.

Miss Frost; supported Mr Mitchell at least as far as the Sports Officer was concerned.

Mr O'Regan: against it because such an officer would be entitled to speak and vote on issues concerning not only sport but the whole student body. To do this he should be representative of the whole body and that meant elected by all.

Mr Tannahill had nothing further to add.

Mr Mitchell: "In what direction?"

Mr Tannahill agreed with Mr O'Regan and was against the idea.

Miss Picton saw something in both sides of the argument; she hadn't really made her mind up.

Miss Kerr: against it.

In reply, Mr Brooker used the analogy of a Member of Parliament elected, not by all, but only by a section whose interests he represented even at the same time as he spoke and voted on matters affecting all.

He didn't change anybody's mind. This will require a motion at the A.G.M. and should be contentious. Think about it and turn up.


The date of the Annual General Meeting was fixed for Thursday, June 29, 1961. Keep this date free.