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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University of Wellington. Vol. 24, No. 5. 1961

Physical Education

Physical Education

The new University Gymnasium has been completed and will shortly be subjected to a severe testing period. The test of whether the facilities will adequately meet the many and varied demands I know to exist will mark the end of much planning and many years of experience at this University.

I believe that the gymnasium is a good one and compares more than favourably with many in overseas universities, although there is evidence (not surprisingly) that the cost has had to be curtailed.

The completion of these new facilities, as with the rest of the Union Buildings, will mark the beginning of a new era in the history of Victoria University. Students for many years past have hoped and worked for better conditions, and it remains for students of the present and the future to give some point to their efforts by using these facilities to the maximum.

I think that there will be a period during which students will have to learn how to use their gymnasium, if it is to continue to be of benefit to them and to future students.

Treatment of earlier student facilities did not encourage the optimistic view that newer and better bui'dings would fare well at the hands of the users. I am still encouraged by the thought that where facilities are good and adequate for the needs of students there will grow up a pride in the possession and care of them.

Through the courtesy of Salient I shall have at regular intervals the opportunity of bringing to the notice of its readers something of the work of the University Physical Education Department. Such work is the concern (if not the interest) of all university students. Through this comparatively new department, the University provides a service that has in view the welfare of all students. To use this service, or to ignore it, is the right of every student, but the use of this column should ensure that many students will be better able to select from the varied programme conducted by the department.

To describe in detail the provisions made in the new gymnasium for different activities would require considerable space, and to discuss what these provisions will mean to various student clubs even more.

Jane Maddox, Physical Instruction Department, Victoria University.

Jane Maddox, Physical Instruction Department, Victoria University.

I hope that, with the opening of the doors, students will visit the gymnasium to see for themselves what can be offered, and to meet the "staff."

W. H. Landreth,

Physical Education Officer.