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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 4. Wednesday, May 4, 1960

Be Good, Won't You !: It's 'Capping' Time Again

page 8

Be Good, Won't You !: It's 'Capping' Time Again

A Certain Notorious Book

This year's Cappicade may again be termed " tame "—but wrongly so. The editors have laboured many long hours to produce an excellent magazine. As well as the usual assortment of cartoons and "jokes," there are some outstanding humorous advertisements, a magazine parody, and several pages on the " All Blacks."

The Extrav. portion has once again been extended, there will be more pages, an increased page size, and an increase in the price to 2/6 per copy. But most important of all the number being printed has been increased from 21,000 to 27,000 copies. These will, if sold out, constitute a sales record

Help Wanted

However, if this record is to be made there must be more than 100 people willing to sell books. Extremely generous commissions are to be paid both to individual sellers and to club groups. I believe this to be an excellent opportunity for energetic clubs to help both themselves and the Association financially in a substantial way. To this end the club commissions and bonuses have been made much more lucrative than those for the individual.

Any individual who would like to make a bob or two either for himself or a club, should present himself in the common-common room on Wednesday, May 4, at 5 p.m. There bods will be given a pep talk on "Cappicade" salesmanship, and receive the number of books they wish to sell.