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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 4. Wednesday, May 4, 1960

Do We Lick Liquor?

Do We Lick Liquor?

Sir,—It seems a pity that the only topic on which students can make headlines in the Press is the liquor question. The President of the Otago University Students' Association was quoted as saying at an annual meeting of the New Zealand University Students' Association, that the student body, representative of the more intelligent section of the youth of the country, should suggest changes in the present licensing laws in New Zealand. He added that perhaps the licensing laws might be altered so that provision could be made for bar facilities In new students' union buildings.

I would like to say that if this is what "the more intelligent section of the youth of the country" spends its time in discussing, then it is fulfilling a pretty poor role in society. What Is the function of the University? This is a pretty big question and I will not attempt to answer it. But surely one aim is to show society where, in the University's opinion, it has erred. I think the emphasis on drink in New Zealand is one obvious example of moral decline. Does the student body have to conform to society? Surely its task should be to rebel!

Cartoon of man sitting in a chair smoking a pipe shaped like a man

Yours sincerely,

J. Thornley