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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 3. Monday, April 11, 1960

"Parting Shots" Blasted

"Parting Shots" Blasted

Sir,—During the past few years Victoria students have been informed of various criticisms of and comments about the Student Executive through the columns of "Salient." Throughout this period "Salient" has maintained that its object has been to present to the Student Body an unbiased and informed, objective view of Executive affairs. Despite this constantly reaffirmed intention, "Salient" has carried out its criticism in the sensational and back-biting manner of the worst of the daily rags.

The Writer is well aware that the Executive has not been completely perfect in its operation however, the Writer is also aware, certainly more fully aware than "Salient", of the amount of time required by and the difficult nature of the Executive's functions in this University.

The particular article which has provoked this outburst from the Writer is that which appeared in the Monday, February 22 issue under the heading of "Parting Shots" and signed by "C.McB." the retiring "Salient" Executive reporter.

I have no hesitation in saying that in my opinion this is possibly the rudest and most juvenile article I have ever seen in "Salient" and that if the writer of the article knew of the vast amount of time and personal sacrifice devoted to his task by the previous holder of the Presidential Office (David Wilson) it would never have been written.

On behalf of Mr Wilson and his large number of appreciative friends amongst the Student Body, and also on behalf of the other persons subjected to C.McB's libellous pen in the article referred to, I would sugest that the least "Salient" can do is to feature on the front page of the next issue an apology for this uninformed and extremely rude article.

Yours, etc.,

J. A. Laurenson.

The Editor replies—

The writer makes a few points. But most impressive was his complete absorbtion with what "I" the "Writer" would do. Note the capital "W." Note also the small "w" for retiring reporter C.McB.