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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 8. August 3, 1959


page 2


Good From Evil

Amidst all this houhah about the 1960 South African rugby tour deserved votes of thanks to the New Zealand Rugby Football Union have gone forgotten.

Not for many years have the Maori people looked so united and determined as they have over this issue. Forgotten in the main issue are King movements and tribal differences. It is a simple matter of racial integrity. A united front breached by a miniscule few.

For this the N.Z.R.F.U. deserve thanks.

But more than this practically every right-thinking person in the country has reawakened to the fact that all could do so much more for Maori-Pakeha inter-relations and understanding.

For so long we have convinced ourselves the problem would solve itself if quietly left alone. It lay buried under a thin camouflage net raised, and for this we thank them, by the N.Z.R.F.U.

No matter what happens to the numerous protests against "The Union's" decision, and we earnestly pray they will succeed for humanity's sake, New Zealand will not be able to allow the main problem to drop obligingly into the background.

New Zealand's own problems of racial discrimination be they social or economic or just plain wrong-headedness will have to be faced. Thank you New Zealand Rugby Union for reminding us.

Shirked Duty

No doubt in good faith, the executive at its last meeting let down its future student supporters by a rush decision on the disposal of students of the new branch college at Palmerston North to Massey.

There seemed to be no realisation that the control of the college rests and will rest for some time in the university council in Wellington and any negotiations on behalf of Palmerston North students would have to be done right here.

Undoubtedly day to day contact with students at Massey will be much closer than with the home university, but executive have no right to so easily drop the mantle, of responsibility for organising a branch of the students' association for first year students, who by statute will be students of Victoria University of Wellington with all the doubtful rights that entails.

Far better would be a decision for a representative of executive (or more than one) to be on hand during enrolment to help students organise their own sub-association with ex-officio membership of the central executive.

Let the local executive have a free hand to combine for sport and cultural activities with Massey by all means, but problems arising between students and administration should be the problem of the parent body.

Some arrangement could be easily made about special fees nor it would not be a bad idea to levy a building fund fee for a Palmerston North Union Building right from the start. This at least would show a bit more foresight than our forebears had.

It is to be hoped that executive will reconsider its decision.