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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 4. April 27, 1959

Sums Up

Sums Up

Mr Larsen began his summing-up by reminding the affirmative of the answer he had expected from them.

"If chastity is now outmoded, it must once have been in fashion. But we have had no answer from the affirmative in spite of their promise," he said.

Two speakers from the floor did reply, he added. They had shown that chastity had never been universal. This proved the wording of the motion was incorrect and could therefore not be supported on that ground alone.

He said he had shown that it was a contradiction that society approved what it disapproved of.

Coming to the ideal of chastity, the affirmative, with their "illicit thrills and statistics," only considered the factual situation. This was irrelevant. The affirmative should have shown whether society approved or disapproved of chastity.

"I mentioned the statutory punishments for rape, buggery, homosexuality. 'Bastard' is the word used for illegitimate children. Seduction is sometimes an actionable tort."

Mr Hamlin: "You're telling me."

Summing up for the affirmative, Mr Hamlin asked whether society lived up to the ideal of chastity. It did not. There was often a feelling of guilt, only because society on the surface frowned upon un-chastity.