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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 22, No. 2. March 23, 1959

Exec Elections — Whom do you Like?

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Exec Elections

Whom do you Like?

Below are some of the so-called "blurbs" written by candidates supporter's to influence you in your choice. While a guide, we are sure you have sufficient intelligence to go deeper into candidates' backgrounds than the superficialities which have been written, and then Vote.

While not the main elections of the year, in their own way the elections to be decided this week have an importance of their own, particularly in light of the recent special meeting.

Actually Salient feels a sympathy towards the two candidates who have seen fit not to submit "blurbs," for some of those received were even more atrocious than the sub-edited versions that appear below.

Dear reader, thank them, for you have been spared.

Mr David Davy was elected as association secretary, as his nomination was unopposed.

J. A. Tannahill

John is 20 years of age and a member of the Law Faculty. Educated at New Plymouth Boys' High School, this is his fourth year as a student at university, and his record shows he has a great knowledge of university student life.

In 1956, as a member of the university Drama Club he played an active role in the production of "The Critic." In the same year he was a member of the Tournament soccer team. He was also an active member of the Golf Club. In 1957 and 1958 he was in Extravaganza and he is taking a great interest in that production again.

His academic career at university is also excellent. He has only six units to complete in his law degree, and last year he won the Robert McCallum Scholarship awarded annually for the best all-round performance in the final examinations in four law units.

He was a member of Weir House for two years, has boarded privately as a student, and is now living in a flat and has a good knowledge of student boarding problems.

To improve the interests of the students' social life at University is one of his main ideals. He also believes a general all-round improvement in executive and general administration at university in the interests of the students can be attained.

D. L. Brooker

Don is particularly well suited for an executive position at this university, having spent four years here as a Law student since coming from King's College in 1953. During this time he has had every opportunity of realizing the problems and points of view of both full-time and part-time students, having had personal experience as both.

While at Victoria, Don has participated to the full in student activities, notably in the Rugby Club (in both the senior and junior 1st XV's) and in rowing and athletics.

It is Don's intention to use this experience, aided by a freshness and impartiality of outlook, to reawaken general interest in student affairs, to improve the liaison with all university clubs and activities, and to work in harmony with the other members of the executive. Finally, he hopes that his considerable executive experience gained from activities in different bodies outside Vic. will enable him to work for the betterment of the student body as a whole.

J. Bayliss

A part-time commerce student, John has shown a keen interest and taken an active part in student life.

He was a member of 1958 Extravaganza and is always willing to hand on ideas and use his experience to help future performances of this—one of the university's most important and outstanding extra-curricular achievements.

A past member of Weir House, probably the most notorious university hostel in New Zealand, he has taken a keen interest in the activities of the university, playing rugby and cricket for varsity teams.

Capping, the biggest and most important function of the university year, is another of his interests, along with many other parts of university life. His outside interests include taking an active part in the Junior National Party and the Wellington Accountants' Students Society.

R. D. Welch

He completed his LL.B. last year. For one year he was a science student and then changed to law. He has been at Victoria for five years (full-time last year) and was formerly at Wellington College.

At present he is studying for a LL.M. If elected he will favour an executive functioning as a unit; constitutional changes to ensure a more go-ahead executive committee; moves which will reduce student apathy; action by the executive to improve student accommodation, to improve facilities, to improve liaison between groups, improvements in town-gown relationships in all matters for student benefit, whether or not executive has previously concerned itself with those matters.

Promises: He will work for the good of students, stand up for what he believes is in the best interests of the majority, will not bicker.

Qualifications: Has been a full-time and part-time student and knows the problems of both. Has lived in a hostel, boarded and is at present flatting.

While David believes that social activities have a proper place in student activity, he feels that there is need for exec to have more serious aims. Among the matters which he considers proper for action by exec are: finance for purchase, leasing or building accommodation, establishing alumni support, appointment of student counsellor, advocating changes in or new courses, investigating failure rates, etc.

G. Tofield

This is George's first year at V.U.W., but he is by no means a stranger to student life.

At Otago University he took a full and active part in student life as a student counsellor in 1954, and as a staff member of "Critic" from 1954-1957, being chief-of-staff in 1954. He acted on committees of various kinds. He was a "Critic" reporter at N.Z.U.S.A. several times and once for the N.Z.U. Press Council.

He was also on the council at Training College in 1955, becoming president of exec, in 1956. He was a rep. in softball and soccer and was in the debating team.

George is 25 years old and is completing his B.A. this year.

Brian Shaw

Brian has been at Victoria since 1953 and during this time has taken an active part in student activities. His knowledge of student administration is considerable and his opinion on matters concerning both N.Z. and overseas students is highly respected.

His record is: V.U.W.S.A. representative on the executive, N.Z.U.S.A. from April 1958. Member of N.Z.U.S.A. International Affairs Committee, N.Z.U.S.A. observer to N.U.A.U.S. Council, Melbourne, January 1959; association representative on University Council's Student Union Planning Committee from 1957; hon. secretary V.U.W.S.A. from June 1956 to June 1958; co-opted V.U.W.S.A. executive again in 1958; has been secretary and member of the finance, blues, international, publications, etc., etc., committees, as well as editor of Salient, etc.

Satya Nandan

Satya Nandan was co-opted to the executive last year. Since his co-option he has been appointed chairman of the International Affairs Committee, a member of the House Committee, and has been nominated as a chaperon to the Indonesian Delegation to tour New Zealand later this year. Most responsible appointments, they indicate the confidence exec, has in Satya.

Apart from his Exec, responsibilities, Satya, a leading committee member of the International Club, was the leader of the Victoria delegation to the N.Z. International Clubs Conference last winter, and is at present the International Clubs representative on the World University Service Committee.

A full-time law student, Satya has also found time to help backstage with Extrav., and is this year the Extrav. programme controller.

Having proven ability, and being, a representative of the many overseas students at this university, Satya is a person whom the student executive needs.

P. O'Brien

Peter is a fourth-year part-time student and is experienced in student administration, as is shown by the following record: 1956-58, committee Athletic Club; 1957, house committee, Winter Tournament rep., harriers, co-opted to executive in December; 1958, Orientation Week Controller, capping ball controller, secretary New Zealand University Sports Union, Social Controller Extravaganza, Capping Committee, association secretary June-August, chairman education sub-committee, finance committee, secretary select committee on student administration (1958-59); 1959, advertising manager Extravaganza, Capping Ball Controller.

His policy consists of two main points:

Support of a complete re-organisation of the executive as outlined by the select committee, of which he was a member.

Willingness to listen to complaints or suggestions from any student, and, if they are reasonable, to take action on them.

Peter stands on this policy, coupled with his record and a capacity for hard work.


I feel motivated to attach "blurbs" of this nature. Those that read them may be falsely impressed, bored or vindictive. I trust my friends.— D. L. Hampton.