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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 8. June 13, 1957

Lincoln Demands

Lincoln Demands

"Are we children? No—but we we being treated as such? cries Caclin the Lincoln students paper.

Students are required to be of temperate habits, and the hotels at Lincoln. Tai Tapu. Springston, and Prebbleton are out of bounds. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into any part of the College, consumed or held in possession there." That is the regulation in the Information Booklet which has created the position discussed here.

"Let us go back to the beginning. Professor Hudson established this regulation in 1937 as part of his measures to improve student discipline, which was sorely lacking at that time. Those regulation have served his purpose, and now Lincoln can be justifiably proud of us past students, and its world renowned reputation as an agricultural institution.

Some of those rules have now become redundant as we advance with the times; Here is one of them."

Students are no longer children—they Are mature enough to make up their own minds, to fight for their country. 'Students will drink—they are men, and as men can decide what they want." It is understandable to prohibit drink at the College "but should the hotels be out of bounds? No."

Some abuse would occur if the regulations were amended. It is up to the community concerned, however, to deal with its misfits

"Student opinion is that there is no justifiable cause for the four local hotels to be out of bounds—we are being penalised because of a few misguided individual who would be better dealt with by other methods. It is an insult to our status as men. Lastly it an attack on our democratic rights."

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