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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 8. June 13, 1957

Weeds for Cappicade

Weeds for Cappicade

As my contribution towards constructing this particular glass-house was negligible, who am I to throw stones? However for what its worth here is my bouquet of weeds to Mike Cullinane and his crew for their work on "Cappicade" '57.

Korbs cover lacked the subtlty of Brockie's effort last year, but gained immensely in eye-catching appeal. The friendish Beczlebub promised a seething cauldron inside. This promise was not entirely fulfilled. Much was rather tame. Although the Affair Cable Car got nice treatment and the Eden rake's progress was good the whole-Jacked bite.

Where was the topicality. Where was the staire? For theme we might have had something better htan raspberries and lavatory seats which didn't give the haphazard concoction a sense of unity.

Again this year we missed out with our advertisements. Whatever the cost these Must be humorous in a really good capping book. O.U. has funny advertisements (some very good too) why can't we? Let the editors long again at page sixteen and seventeen to see how stolid ads (and bumble-handed layout) can ruin three cartoons.

Quotes at top and bottom of pages would have been worth the extra work.

Having had my moan I must congratulate the editors for the good things the assembled. Generally the "Sports Post" guying was well done especially Brockie's deepsca adventures with Prof. Squidson., the "Lodge" cover, and "In Lighter Viany Korb's hand showed up well—his D.O. Men drooled most lasciviously—but best in a derivative piece—the desert island man. Top marks too to the Cappg Ball belles and the final Droops saga.

I understand "Cappicade" sold out this year. Good work—Altogether a competent job if not a first rate on.—K.W.

Disappearing Kettles . . .

Ordinary progress was made at the last Exec. meeting. It was decided to draw up a formal contract for the [unclear: cunning] of the Cafeteria. Cafeteria [unclear: eaters] will be glad to note that the [unclear: contract] is to contain price control, if not a very stringent one. Affiliation will be granted to the Christian Science [unclear: Ofu] tion subject, to their constitution being in the terms of the V.U.C.S.A. constitution. Once more the nefarious activities on the Cable Car were disused. It was moved that the culprits send £5 each to pay costs of repairs, with the understanding that if it is too much the money be refunded. Certain members felt that any big bill from the Council (to be sent to the Association now that it has adopted responsibility) would be unreasonable. It was wondered if the City Council were going to try and get new paint cheaply.) (There are no prizes for readers who noted that long before the 'vandalism" the cable car shelters were in a disgusting state and crying out for paint) The motion was lost pending receipt of the actual account.

Once again it was decided to hold an afternoon tea for Colombo Pian students and staff. Finally the ever careful Exec., haven't supped in two sitting since "Salient" jog is only a small one, passed without any apparent dissent, the motion that: "The Kitchen Controller look into the matter of the disappearing kettles and report back to the Executive.—G.A.W.