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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 8. June 13, 1957

All care but ..

All care but ...

At the recent S.G.M. the Exec. was strongly urged to organise a demonstration against H-bomb tests. In its wisdom it has decided not to do so. Naturally it was not considered necessary to inform the students why their recommendation was not carried out. Ours not to reason why ... Students would also like to know what has happened to the motion "That a petition embodying the resolutions against the Aests be drawn up, circulated among staff and students, and sent to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition."

Students in Otago are asking similar questions about the fate of motion passed recently by them.

Fear Death by Fire

N.Z.U.S.A. will not give observer status to any New Zealand student attending a W.F.D.Y., I.U.S. or affiliated festival. It is feared that our reputation for good sound democracy might cracked by such a bold acknowledgement of the existence of the over-throwers of the Tsar Nicholas, and Chiang Kai-Chek.

Bouquets all Round

"Semper Floreata" is resolutely the dullest . . . "On Dit is so uniformly monotonous it beggars description . ."

Across the Tasman the journals get more staid and more conservative, and only rarely startle. "Craccum" and "Critic" are the most prominent"—Martin Davey in Honi Soit (Sydney).

Thank you, we will try harder in future to distinguish you from your less startling brethren.

Adolf Number Two

Hitler's Operations Chief Back

Last March General Adolf Heusinger took over supreme command of the German Wehrmacht. The last Adolf to occupy this postion was Adolf Hitler (of whom most History students should have heard.)

On August 2nd, 1945. Britain, the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. decreed at the Potsdam Conference that "all German land, naval and air forces ... including the General Staff . . . shall be completely and finally abolished Less than twelve years later, one of the most prominent members of the Nazi General Staff was installed in his new post as chief of all West German land, naval and air forces.

From the time that Hitler successfully seized power, Heusinger hitched himself to his star. In his autobiography in 1950 he does not spare criticism of his former master: but only for strategical mistakes. His opinion of the treatment of conquered peoples was that it was foolish since it alienated people who might have been won over to support of the Nazi cause. He seems a fitting successor to his former chief (Based on an article in Democratic German Report)


"Our soldiers have done magnificent deeds. I hope that will be recognised at a later date They fought to the last, and kept their honour unsullied."—General Adolf Heusinger. "Befehl im Widerstreir.".

Equal Rights

Notable innovation at recent Exce. meetings has been that the two Vice-Presidents have started to [unclear: enjoy] equal dignity. Until now it had apparently been the practice that the order in the hierarchy was: President. Men's Vice-President. Womens Vice-President. Now when the President vacates the chair, the two Vices take it in turn's to chair in his stead. This is another example of the gradual evolution of equal rights for women. It is to be expected that mens Vice-Presidents will cease standing up, or opening the door, when the Women's Vice. appears—or has this right of equal treatment already been gained by women on Exec. "Salient" vouches that at least some Exec. members waive archaic courtesy.

Custom Made

The French Customs men soon got to know us and waved us through without glancing into the car, but their Italian opposite numbers became increasingly surly. They charged us ridiculously high duty even on a Camembert or a loaf of bread, so it soon became a point of honour to smuggle at least one item every time we crossed the border. Betty the highest score with two small melons tucked inside her blouse—which gained murmurs of quel beau balcon!" from the kindly French . . .