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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 20, No. 2. March 29, 1956

Tournament Invasion — Please take the wooden spoon when you leave

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Tournament Invasion

Please take the wooden spoon when you leave

VUC welcomes all visitors from other colleges to the cultural, commercial, political, intellectual and social centre of New Zealand for the 1956 Easter Tournament.

Much organisation has gone into this tournament and we are confident that it will come right up to your expectation—provided, of course, the city's legendary fair weather holds out. Controller Jim Hutchison tells us he has influential friends in the Weather Office, so there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.

Some of the teams competing this year appear to be very strong, and an exceptionally high standard is expected in all events.

On the social side, we have not been so fully informed in advance of competitors' capabilities, but—well, you know tournament. And if you don't, you soon will. Seriously, though, we would offer this advice, particularly to those at their first tournament: don't hit it along Too hard at the start. It's much better to do well and then enjoy yourself, than to overdo things at the start and be flakers when the fun does, come round.

When "Salient" went to press not all teams were finalised, but we have tried to make these lists as near complete as possible on the basis of information supplied by other college papers.



Star of the athletics team is Murray Jeffries, second in the N.Z. high jump championship recently, and an Olympic Games prospect. His leap then was Gft. Gin., so he should be hard to beat.

Don Smith, 880yds. NZU titleholder, and Warren Travers, NZU cross-country champion, both holding Blues for these events, are two strong contenders, and should pain places, if not titles. Warren will contest the one and three mile events. Alan Brooks, the present Auckland and NZU nolo vault champion, should also do well.

Colleen Moran is expected to do well in the sprints again; she is running exceptionally well at the moment. Judy Johnston should give her strong support, besides competing in the field events. She will be aided in these latter by Margaret Mellsop, long and high jump, and Jenifer Rawnsley, high jump, who will both do well if they are on form.

Shirley Thomson (VUC), winner of the women's 80 metres hurdles last year, will compete again this Easter.

Shirley Thomson (VUC), winner of the women's 80 metres hurdles last year, will compete again this Easter.

Auckland this year has one of its strongest athletic teams for some years, and hopes are high that Otago's grip on the shield will be broken.


P. Fleming: 100 and 220yds. A former NZU Blue. Placed in the provincial champs.

I. Hamilton: 100 and 220yds. A fresher. Inn is a junior who has defeated many good seniors. Placed second in the 220yds. in the national junior championships.

B. H. Kerr: 440yds. Among Canterbury's top men over this distance.

P. B. Andrews: 440yds, Second tournament.

D. Beauchamp: 880yds. Dave has had a meteoric rise to first-class standard. Still a junior before Christmas, he won the Canterbury senior 880yds. title from teammate Crossen List month.

T. I. Crossen: 880yds. Canterbury's most consistent sub-2 minute half-miler this season. Second in the provincials and and representing Canterbury at the national championships.

P. H. Barnett: I mile. An NZU Blue of 1954 whose current form is not far below his 4.19 NZU record of that year. A tough man over the last 220.

J. D. McDonald. 1 and 3 miles. Has performed solidly over both these distances this season, and is a consistent sub-4.30 miler.

[unclear: B. K. Ceron]: 120 and 220yds. hurdles. Has an NZU Blue for these events from last year.

R. D. Stewart: 440yds. hurdles. An ex-OU man who might well have been selected for the 440yds. flat but for their close proximity in the programme.

L. F. Phillips: High jump. In his third tournament. Third in the NZ junior high jump event two years ago.

R. G. Cant: Broad jump. In the CUC championships he set a new record with A leap of 21ft. 9½in.

P. Pottinger: Broad jump, 440yds. hurdles.

R. G. Ball: Shot, discus, javelin, pole vault. In the top national class with shot and discus and former NZ junior javelin record holder. Should reach Blues standard in one or more of the shot, discus and javelin.

Doris May: 75, 100 and 220yds.. broad jump. One of the top women sprinters in the country. Holder of the Canterbury records in three sprint events, and also an able performer in the broad jump.

Elizabeth Baber: High jump. A fresher, Elizabeth came to the fore at the CUC championships.

Jean Calder: 75, 100yds., 80 metres hurdles and high jump. This is Jean's first tournament.


P. Smith: Star performer of the OU team. Pete is competing in the 100, 220, 440yds. and relays. He won the 440yds. at the national championships in 48.4see., was second in the 220yds. He is Otago 100 and 220yds. record holder.

I. Kerr: Competing in his third tournament. Ivan was a finalist in the National 100yds., having won his heats and semi-final in 10.1sec. Compiling in the 100yds. and relays.

M. Hansen: Well known to local people as Wellington provincial 440 yds. champion.

I. Sim: A national finalist in the 880yds, and a quarter-miler with a bright future.

G. Kerr: An NZU Blue and OU sports representative. In the 880yds. and mile events.

W. Thomas: A young runner with a good style and a future in the mile and three miles.

G. Travis: A first year student who won the OU three mile's very convincingly.

I. Croxson: A past NZU broad jump champion. Laurie is competing in the broad jump, hop, step una jump, and Javelin.

J. Williams: An old tournament competitor and past NZU champion, John will be a strong candidate for both hop, step and jump, and broad jump titles.

G. Peters: Jumping well in high jump and showing considerable improvement on last year's performances.

C. Cribben: Competing in the 440 yds. hurdles and high jump.

I. Amor: A decathlon athlete and will be competing in the pole vault, 120 and 220yds. hurdles.

L. Miles: Another tournament veteran and past. NZU champion in javelin.

I. Fulton: 120 and 220yds. hurdles. The men's relay teams are of a very high standard especially the 4x440 in which two competitors P. Smith and I. Sim hove bettered 50sec. in the 440 yards. M. Hansen and G. Kerr are the other two members.

D. Wards: Physical Education student and discus thrower.

A. Clarke: Hammer thrower and past NZU champion, Alan is now extending his capabilities to discus and shot put.

Pam. Butchers: An NZU record holder in athletics and a double NZU lue in athletics and basketball. Pam. is in the 75yds. and broad jump again this year and likely to win both.

I. Mountford: Competing in all the sprints. Lyn won the OU 100 and 220yds. in good time.

S. Laws: good 220yds. runner.

S. Davis: Shirley is the present NZU titleholder in several field events. The shot put, discus and broad jump are her main events.

T. Clark: Tui is showing rapid [unclear: imnent] in the Javelin.

A Wills: A newcomer in the discus event. Anne has a good style.

G. Goodman and B. Bedford: Two Physical Education students who are competing in the hurdles. Gabriel competed last year and is showing the benefit of a further season's training. Barbara is new to tournaments but is a very competent hurdler.


Victoria is fielding one of its strongest athletics teams for some years. Wellington provincial club champions for 1956, the club has had a very successful season in local club athletics. However, two of the most prominent competitors at the provincials, J. G. Hawkes and M. Hansen, are ineligible for Victoria, as is the NZ junior half-mile champion, Mike Stephens.

These defections have weakened the VUC team considerably, but the arrival at Vic. of Rob Irwin NZU triple titleholder, has in some measure compensated for this.

VUC will be represented in the sprints by Irwin (100, 220 and 440), A. Reed (100). K. Millar (220) and N. Plimmer (440). Plimmer ran second in the national junior quarter this year.

The distance men are A. Ward (880), D. Carter (880 and mile), and I. Lyon (mile), each of whom has performed creditably in club events this season.

At three miles, VUC will be represented by Graeme Steven's, winner at the distances in 1953 and 1954, and present NZU record-holder, and Dick Gilberd, one time NZU harrier champion.

The outstanding hurdler is G. Hourigan, present Wellington 440 yrs. hurdles champion. He will be competing in the three hurdle events along with three Massey athletes, D. Jordan (120), D. Fin lay son (220) and R. Green (440). S. Duncan, a promising young athlete, will compete in the three throwing events, with B. Carran (shot), F. Sadaraka (javelin) and C. Card (discus).

Present provincial broad jump champion, J. Barry, is taking part in all three jumping events, while I. Hyslop, Wellington hop, step and jump titleholder will be taking part in the high jump as well as his specialty event.

The sprint relay team comprises Irwin. Reed, Millar and B. Waller, and the mile relay team Irwin, Plimmer, Reed and Ward.

In the women's section, Mrs. E. Curtis (nee Crisp) will compete in the three sprint events, while C. Swartz will run in the 75 and the 100.

NZU women's hurdles champion, Shirley Thomson, will be defending her title in the 80 metres hurdles. C. Pointon will throw the the discus and the javelin, and the women's relay team will com rise E. Curtis, C. Swartz, S. Kidd and S. Thomson.



Judith Penman: Played for AUC in 1955. Exceptional brilliance and remarkable quickness. Gained her selection for the Auckland junior representative trials last season. The coming season should prove to be interesting if Judith continues with the same intense keeness shown last year.

Janet Walking: One of the older members whose steady and reliable play resulted in her selection for the North Island Universities team at faster Tournament last year.

Grace Li: An older member whose record with the AUC team has reached great heights. At her first Tournament, Grace was awarded a NZU Blue and later an AUC Blue for. basketball. Selected for the NZU team which played the Canterbury representatives. Her play is not brilliant—merely steady, reliable,

Barbara Berghan: Agile, steady and keen. She is one of the most promising players; a good defence and always alert. Barbara has good court sense, providing her with the ability to cope with a tight situation. At last year's tournament Barbara was reserve for the North Island Universities team.

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Robin Newick: The outstanding forward. A Canterbury senior representative last year when they won the Dominion tournament, Robin has also represented Otago.

Pamela Harris: A member of last year's tournament team, Pam uses her height to the best advantage and when on form shoots with great accuracy.

Ann Sides: A veteran forward whose services were sadly missed last year at Auckland. Ann is a steady though unobtrusive player whose excellent field work should be of especial worth at Wellington.

Deidre Taylor: Deidre has worked her way up from the B team with consistently good shooting.

Judy Bryant: A former Otago representative. Judy's superiod speed, positional play and ball handling will strengthen the centre third immensely.

Sally Page: A keen and reliable centre player, especially strong in attacking movements.

Pat Roskvist: Captained last year's team into second place. Pat's speed and positional play make her a centre to be reckoned with.

Judy Steel: The only fresher in the team. Judy held her own with more experienced centres throughout the trials.

Shirley Nish: Has played in two previous tournaments. A member of last year's South Island team.

Kathleen McHugh: A valuable addition to the defence third, Kathleen has had four years' senior competition basketball.

Rhona Scarth: Rhona, with her heigh and determination, has the makings of a really good refensive player.

Daphne Neutze: A hard-working defence whose tenacity both for ball and for partner costs the opposing side many goals.


In the forward line is Eleanor Higgins, an NZU Blue mid Otago senior representative last year; and Janette Frances and Pearl Greaney, who also played for OU at tournament last year. With them is a newcomer to Varsity tournaments, Anne Scott.

In the centre. Thelma Harvey and Pamela Butchers from last year's team, have been joined by Hilary Williamson and Adrienne McKenzie, a promising fresher with rep. experience in the Canterbury senior reserve.

A completely new set of defence this year with Molly Temoana, who is showing up very well, Judy Ziegler, a Canterbury Varsity rep. of last year, Joy Ackroyd and Sue Bernau, who has played for the Wellington minor reps.


The Victoria basketball team is a young side welded around a nucleus of four players who have had previous tournament experience. These four girls. Eileen Titterington, Valerie Bilham, Kath Sparks and Ann Wesney, all represented VUC at Auckland last year.

Two other members of the team, Judith Davenport and Kath Bedingfield, represented NZU in indoor basketball at winter tournament in Dunedin last year, and are both fast movers and good ball handlers.

A fresher, Rosalind Taylor, was a Wellington secondary school rep. last year. A newcomer to Varsity basketball, L. Smith, played senior A grade for St. Mary's. The other members of the side are all promising young players.



CUC is sending to tournament its strongest batting side for several years.

A. C. Timpson (captain): The old-timer of the team, playing in his fourth tournament. Right-handed batsman and slow (not spin) bowler.

J. M. Croucher: Wicket-keeper for the NZU team for the past two years, John is keeping as well as ever this year.

B. D. Vastest: Right-hand bat, and possibly the best fielder in the team. playing in his second tournament.

J. D. Kane: Right-hand medium-fast swing bowler, also playing in his second tournament. A good hardhitting batsman. J. F. Penney: First tournament A batsman-wicketkeeper who has had a very successful season.

A. Pettit: The sole Lincoln representative in the team, playing in his second tournament. Represented CUC at Christchurch in 1954. A medium-paced bowler and good batsman.

R. J. West: A fresher who has turned in good performances throughout the season as a medium-paced bowler and a very dependable batsman.

G. A. Leggat: A right-hand batsman who has been making his presence felt in senior cricket this season. Last season Graham represented Nelson as an all-rounder.

J. B. Park: Another all-rounder who has represented Nelson. John who is playing in his second tournament, will take the brunt of the fast bowling.

I. A. Axford: An old tournament player who has been selected for the NZU team. I am, who represented Hawke's Bay against the West Indies this season, is a right-hand opening bat, and has been scoring heavily this season.

B. M. I. Dineen: A right-hand batsman who was twelfth man for this year's very successful Canterbury Plunket Shield team. Chosen as a member of the New Zealand Colts team to play the touring West Indies this season.

D. G. Hamilton: An aggressive right-hand bat who is very useful in the middle of the order. A Wanganui representative on. odd occasions, Don also bowls the doubtful leg-spinner.


Zin Harris, who has returned from India and Pakistan in excellent form, will be unavailable because of examinations. The team will be led by Gren Alabaster, who has greatly benefited from his experience in the Otago Plunket Shield side.

Other prominent batsmen are D. Harding, R. Smith, G. Swansea, D. Ferguson, G. Boist and K. Kitson. The last-named played for Southland against the West Indies.

The bowling has been strengthened by the inclusion of John Kent who, while attending CUC Inst year, was selected to play for NZ Universities against Auckland. G. Grant and M. Hanlon complete the medium-paced attack.

R. Simons is a left-arm spin bowler whose performances last year won him a place in the NZU side. His form early in the season was very good and he would probably have gained representative honours had he remained here during the holidays.

Gren Alabaster's off-breaks will give variety to OU's attack.


Those representing VUC in the cricket this year will be:

Dick Barry: A solid, imperturbable left-hand batsman and left-hand spinner, who has represented Wanganui in Hawke Cup fixtures. Has a consistent record over two tournaments.

Titch Boyer: Red-headed wicket-keeper who has completed first senior season. Boundary hitting bats-man. First tournament.

Colin Campbell: Tall West Indian fast bowler who has gained impressive figures in Hamilton and Palmerston North. Ex-AUC, now at Massey, he plays in his first tournament.

Pete Carver: Second tournament. Punishing right-hand batsman who scored well for Wanganui in Hawke Cup games. NZU golf champion and Blue.

John Gibson: Fresher from Wanganui Collegiate, where he had a most impressive record. Right hand, solidly built opening batsman who has played Hawke Cup cricket.

Barry Kerr: Aggressive right-hand batsman who has scored well in previous three tournaments.

Doug Laing: Solid batsman from Massey. Good field. Playing in fourth tournament.

Mick Lance: Wellington colts rep. Steady left-hand opening batsman and right-hand leg spinner. A very hard man to get out.

Morrie McDonald: Slow right arm off-spinner, left-hand bat and good field, from Massey.

John Martin: Medium pace stock bowler of in-swingers and off-spinners. Stubborn tail-end batsman. Third tournament.

Mick Pope: Stylish right-hand batsman who has not fulfilled promise this season. Potentially a dangerous off-spin bowler.

Jim Thomson: Plunket Shield and NZU rep. Left-hand spin bowler and tigerish right-hand batsman with an outstanding record over three tournaments.



Stroke this year is D. Malaga, who was No. 2 last year. Next to him at No. 7, is Con Cambie, who is the club captain and the veteran of the team; this is his sixth Easter Tournament. He holds AUC Rowing Blues for 1954-55. At No. 6 is B. Bilger, a 74 inch streak who rowed at four last year.

A product of Christ's College Rowing Club, P. Keenen at No. 5 is performing in his first tournament. No. 4 is C. Waddington, who rowed in four and double sculls last year. A novice, P. Bassett, occupies the No. 3 berth.

John Patterson, of women's rowing fame, is in the No. 2 position; formerly of the CUC Rowing Club, John is rowing in his fourth tournament. Last, and also least in terms of quantity, is J. Saunders in the No. 1 berth. This is his second year in bow for the tournament eight, and he was also a member of the 1954 double sculls crew.

Women's Rowing

The ability of these girls as oars-women is unknown; there are, however, one or two who are well known in other sports, notably Bev Saunders, an NZU hockey Blue, and Sue McBeth of the small-bore rifle team.

The No. 1 team, Margaret Weatherley, Mary Freeman and Marie Lawton and Jenifer Rawsnley, is stroking well and should be very hard to beat.


This year the CUC Rowing Club has been able to boat exceptionally strong crews. The eight-oared crew is a tested combination of the first and second Canterbury fours, both of which have won senior four-oared races this season. The crew will be rowing in the Olympic trial at Akaroa a week after tournament. All the members are Olympic nominees:—

F. W. Harland (stroke): Strokes the Canterbury R.C.'s No. 1 four. Has been prominent in local towing circles for several years.

W. K. Jones (7): Has rowed for the province and has a distinguished record in the 3 seat of the C.R.C. No. 1 four. With Harland he was a final trialist for the Vancouver Empire Games.

B. M. Jones (6): Provincial VIII, 1954. Has been rowing in C.R.C. No. 1 four, and was impressive in pair-oar events with C. J. Sewell last season.

R. G. Barrett (5): The Grand Old Man of the team. Has rowed for CUC since 1952, gained an NZU Blue in 1954 and was also a member of the NZU eight in 1955. Rows No. 3 in the CRC No. 2 four.

E. R. McCalman (4): CUC VIII 1954-5-6. Has been rowing two in CRC No. 2 senior four.

C. J. Sewell (3): The baby of the crew. A powerful and stylish oar who gained his first NZU Blue in 1955. Bow in CRC No. 1 senior four for the past two seasons.

P. J. R. Spooner (2): Late of the Timaru senior four, now strokes the C.R.C. No. 2 senior four. CUC eight 2954-5-6. NZU eight 1955.

M. J. B. Worseldine (bow): AUC VIII 1953, CUC VIII 1955-56. Bow in CRC No. 2 senior four.

R. B. Armstrong (cox): "The Voice." CUC VIII cox for two years now. Experienced and competent.

Two crews have been entered in the four-oared race, one being a very experienced crew and the other a young crew who will gain valuable experience for the future. No. 1 four is

B. Such (stroke): Late of the West End Club (Auckland) and a very experienced oar.

R. Tate (3): Bow in the Clifton senior four (Taranaki). A powerfully built oarsmap who has proved his worth over the past year.

R. F. Moginie (2): An old-timer. CUC VIII 1950 1951-2-3-4-5. NZU VIII in 1955.

M. J. W. Stokes (bow): Four in last year's CUC VIII.

Marlene Richardson (cox): An inspiration to crew and spectators. She has had much rowing experience.

R. F. Moginie and P. J. R. Spooner will contest the double sculls. Both have sculled in tournament before, Moginie having been in the winning OU crow since 1953. The crew sculled evenly together to take third place in the senior double sculls at Kaiapoi.

A. R. Crosby, who will travel with the right as emergency, rowed 2 in the eight last year, and has since been rowing juniors for Gisborne.

Women's Rowing

Diana Martin (stroke): A foundation member of the women's, club. At her fourth tournament.

Eve Zwartz (3): A new-comer to this club who should certainly uphold its name at Wellington. She has quickly become an important member of the crew.

Fiona Macdonald (2): Also a Canterbury woman pioneer. She is a valuable member of the crew, powerful and dependable.

Felicity Dunlop (bow): Another foundation member who will certainly make her presence felt in the bow by her steady oarsmanship. She has an excellent sense of time and rhythm.


John Sinclair, stroke: John needs no introduction to Varsity rowing circles where his whirlwind style has become almost legendary. Last year he rowed in NZU eight and was awarded his NZU Blue.

Don MacDonald: Fit from his season in Canterbury senior eight. Don is a driving force at seven after stroking the NZU crew last year.

Ken McCredie and Mark Irwin: Ken rowed for NZU last year and Mark was unlucky not to do so.

Crichton Prain: A newcomer to the Varsity crew, he learned his rowing at Christ's College and is performing well.

Warwick Warden: Another ex-Christ's boy, who was in the Varsity eight in 1954 and this season, has been rowing for Canterbury junior eight.

Michael Gill: Comes from AUC where he rowed last year in the fresher's four which came second to OU.

Dave James: Rowed in the Varsity four in 1954 and at Queenstown for OU last year.

The first four is perhaps a more powerful combination than OU has ever fielded in this event.

Gerald Batchelor: Has wide experience at stroking and received his OU Blue last year.

Brian Watson: Has been rowing this season for Queen's Drive and was in the Otago junior eight.

John Braithwaite: Rowed two in the winning four last year and is rowing well again this year.

Jim Scott: Has come with very good credentials, from Gisborne and should do well.

The second four is David Davidson, Don Colder, Graham Lawson and Ross Pirrett. A younger crew but rowing well together, and the experience will prove invaluable.


This year has seen the VUC Club in its strongest position since the war, with an eight and three fours being boated at Tournament Regatta.

The eight is a well balanced combination, whose individual members have performed with considerable success during the season. Perry Preston-Thomas Wally Loader, Mike Winter and Paul Canham have all had wins in open championship regattas during the past three months, and have all had previous tournament experience. Bob James rowed in fours last Easter, and together with John Rose has performed creditably this past season. Newcomer to the crew is Frank Crotty, a fresher, but with a long record of successful rowing behind him. Holding the team together is veteran Jim Galbraith, who has won senior championship honours in the past. All in all, the crew has good potential. They will be boated: stroke, Galbraith; 7, Rose; 6, Preston-Thomas; 5. Winter; 4. Crotty; 3, Loader; 2, James; bow, Canham.

Victoria will boat three fours. The crews will be:
  • No. 1: Wilson, Slow, Kinder and Gunn.
  • No. 2: Waite, Brooker. Reilly and Cameron.
  • No. 3: Melcolm, Palmer, Norris and Dent.

In the double sculls event VUC will be represented by Mike Winter and Wally Loader.

Women's Rowing

Since women's rowing is only a recent Innovation at Victoria, even pioneer members of the club can claim only five months' experience at most. But all are noted for their enthusiasm, and continual hard practice has had very good results.

Members of the crews to row for Victoria at Korokoro are:

No. 1: Stroke. Anna Duncan; 3, Terry Leanane: 2, Natasha Tver; bow, Nevenka Hegedus. No. 2: Anne Rawnsley; Angela Sears, Colleen Kearney, Mary Clare Dowling. No. 3, Jean Elder. Jo Silson, Paula Smart, Valerie Judd.

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G. Leach: Ex-Waikato swimmer and water polo representative (N.Z. trials). Has won N.Z. junior medley and runner-up in 220yds. and 440yds. freestyle. This year he was second in national butterfly championship—a very powerful all-round-swimmer and a great water polo tactician.

J. Sneyd: A very prominent Auckland surf swimmer, having won several titles. He is the present 440yds. Varsity champion and has been well placed in national junior backstroke events.

J. Orbell: A very fit and versatile swimmer—backstroke, butterfly and medley. He is a past Auckland rep. and has won the Auckland 440yds. backstroke.

G. Mansergh: A natural swimmer who won the 220yds. freestyle title last year. He is a past inter-secondary schools record-holder, and if fit should do well this tournament. A very useful water-polo player.

M. Francis: The present Varsity 100yds. titleholder who can swim when not distracted. Holds several Taranaki records and is an ex-Taranaki and Waikato rep. Member of last NZU swimming team and is capable in water polo.

Miss M. Pollard:. A place-getter in this year's Auckland diving champs. A very shapely figure and a useful swimmer.

Miss D. Carr: An all-round swimmer—an ex-Hawke's Bay rep.

Miss G. Morrison: Wow!


Other colleges will be pleased to hear that among those who are not wanting to travel to Wellington are—Otto Snoep (beaten by a touch in the National 100 yards freestyle at Grey-mouth), and three ex-OU stars in F. Sonntag, L. Ronald and D. Wilkinson.

F. McKenzie: Captain of the team. A member of the New Brighton Surf Club team which won the Nelson Shield. Holder of the College breast-stroke title, and almost a certainty for an NZU water polo Blue this year.

I. H. MacDonald: New Zealand 220 yards breaststroke titleholder, also the provincial title at this distance. A Canterbury B water polo representative and again almost a certainty for a Blue.

A. R. Peters: Record and titleholder for the 100 yards breaststroke of Canterbury. Present Canterbury butterfly champion. Member of the NZU teams against the Australians in 1953 and 1955 Triple NZU Blue. Canterbury B water polo team.

J. H. Broomfield: Canterbury medley champion and record holder. Should win the titles for medley and backstroke. NZU representative against the Australians last season; an NZU Blue, and 1955 NZU polo rep.

J. C. White: A former New Zealand junior backstroke champion. His swimming seems to be improving fast.

B. Wallace: Ex-South Canterbury champion, the star long distance man of the team.

W. Raymond: A diver who shows great promise.

J. Noble: Has represented CUC and VUC in tournament previously. The [unclear: tear] freestyle exponent, and also one of the mainstays of the water polo team.

Janet Spooner: A first-class swimmer (freestyle) and at present holder of the Canterbury women's diving title, and fourth in the New Zealand championships.

Nikki Glasgow: With lots of training she should push Janet along in the freestyle events.

Doreen Brown: The present NZU breaststroke titleholder. Snatched from OU's grasp this year, and expected to repeat her winning performance for her new college.

Marie Hunter: This is Marie's first tournament; beat all opposition in the college championships held recently.

Elizabeth Allen: An ex-Rangi Ruru type, where she held all the swimming championship titles.


Although John Jarvis, Lester Ronald and Des Douse will not be available this year, one of the strongest swimming and water-polo teams ever Will leave OU.

Bob Leek: Should fight out both the 100yds. and 220yds. breaststroke.

Joanne Swan: Looks promising for the 50yds. and 100yds. freestyle, in which she was runner-up last year.

Barry Wilkinson: Runner-up in the 100 and 220yds. freestyle at Easter, will captain the OU team.

Dorothea Gibbs: Runner-up in the 100yds. breaststroke. will again be swimming this year.

Margaret Haydon: Won the 100yds. backstroke last year.

Captained by Barry Wilkinson, the OU water polo team numbers among its members Bob Leek and Phil. Coote. Good combination has been obtained as a result of serious training and this should be a major factor in deciding the results in Easter tournament.


Victoria will field a strong swimming team headed by John Hamilton, who is NZU record-holder over 220 yds, and a former national champion at distances from 220 to 1650yds. He will be very hard to beat in his events, namely, the 100 and 220yds. freestyle and the 100yds. medley.

Also prominent in the VUC team is Barry Trotter, Wellington Centre butterfly title and record-holder and former holder of the national beltman's title in surf competition.

The VUC water polo team is: J. Hamilton, C. Trotter, B. Trotter. N. Overman. D. Lee, D. Routney and T. Verhoeven.



Brian Woolf: Runner-up in the men's singles last year. Brian is the holder, with Raewyn Dickson, of the NZU mixed doubles title. He is the present N.Z. junior triple title holder, and was last year awarded an Auckland Blue.

Raewyn Dickson: Besides winning the mixed doubles with Brian last year. Raewyn was also runner-up in the women's singles—an excellent performance this, as she was also playing outdoor basketball, in which she gained North Island University selection. A former holder of the N.Z. junior and NZU titles, Raewyn has not played a great deal of tennis this season because of ill-health, but this has not affected her standard of play greatly.


W. A. Dickson: The most experienced player in the team, has represented Canterbury province for several years.

B. W. Crofts: A Slazenger Shield player for several seasons. Brian has now reached the senior competition.

B. J. Shirlaw: Another of the province's leading juniors.

C. Keenan: The veteran of the team, playing in his fourth tournament.

P. A. Hutchinson: Peter is a natural tennis player, though he has not played much seriously. Outstanding in doubles play.

Felicity Ower: Well known in NZU tennis, and a former holder of the women's doubles title, and runner-up in the singles in 1954.

Glenys Hopkinson: One of New-Zealand's leading junior players, and the present holder of the national junior doubles title. Highly ranked in Canterbury.

Joan Lambert: A fresher from the West Coast, who has won a lot of junior titles in the past two years.

Margaret Westgarth: A good doubles player, in her second tournament.

Mary Patterson: Playing in her first tournament.


John Montgomery: The first time John will have represented OU at tournament. Has played for the University club in interclub matches for last two seasons.

Marty Ellis: Has competed at tournament for a number of years. In 1953 he won the singles title and was awarded an NZU Blue.

Gordon Nicholson: Has also represented OU at tournament for a number of years and has taken the singles title twice.

Give Hesketh: A newcomer to tournament tennis but has played for OU in interclub matches during the just two seasons. He will be playing on home grounds.

Lin Couper: Also a newcomer to tournament. Lin has played well in interclub matches and was runner-up for the Northland singles title this year.

Silly Murray: Represented OU at tournament in 1954 and is capable of playing a [unclear: a] hitting, force [unclear: 1] game.

"Bunty" curbett: An experienced tournament competitor who represented OU in 1953 and 1955.

Betty Colthard: Has been a member of the OU senior team since last year. Her first appearance in tournament and she should be a tower of strength in the doubles.

Beverley Bell and Allen: Both are members of the OU senior mixed team and representing OU for the first time. Will be playing in the doubles and mixed doubles.


Victoria will field a strong team to defend the NZU Tennis Shield won at Auckland last Easter. Murray Dunn, New Zealand table tennis representative, Wellington Wilding Shield player and a quarter-finalist in the national singles title, will be playing in his first tournament.

Backing him up in the men's team will be Barry Boon, defending NZU champion, Alan Robinson and Larry—veterans of three tournaments who have played very well throughout the season. Robinson and O'Neill arc the present NZU doubles champions.

In the women's section, the VUC team has been weakened by the defection of Betty Nelson, NZU women's singles champion, who has been selected to tour Australia with the New Zealand tennis team. However, her partner in VUC's doubles success last year, Val Henderson, will be playing, and with Barbara Milburn and Hazel Blick should ensure a good performance for VUC in the women's contests. Fourth member of the team is Margaret Newton.



Carl Olivecrona: Has had an outstanding season in outside competition. He now holds the Southern Hawke's Bay C grade championship and tied for second in the open championship of this shoot. He has figured well in the North Island champs, and in club shooting in his home town. His recent trip to the National Rifle Association annual prize meeting at Trentham, where he qualified for the Final Service Fifty, will have benefited him greatly in experience.

David Holye, our club captain, and one of the mainstays of the club. He shot with some success at the Auckland Rifle Association annual meeting at New Year. His NZU Blue shows that he is capable of turning it on when required and his versatility in handling all conditions suggests that he is not to be taken too lightly.

Ian Batty, a newcomer to tournament. His present form indicates that he can be a solid support for the team.


G. J. Barnard: A good shot under any conditions and can spring surprises. A good team man.

L. R. Brown: An experienced shot in his third Easter tournament. A little inconsistent but much improved from last year.

J. Kilmers: A newcomer to tournament but has been shooting consistently well throughout the season.

R. W. Kingsley: Third tournament. An NZU Blue winner last year, and one of the best shots that the CUC Club has ever had." Should do very well.

T. R. Mercer: Another very experienced tournament man, taking part in his third Easter tournament. He gained an NZU Blue in 1955, and is a very reliable shot.

D. Ranford: Only just missed selection last year, and should do well at Trentham.

I. G. Turner: A capable shot who should do very well in his first tournament.


With the vast majority of last year's men available the OU team has gained in experience.

Michael Goddard: A newcomer to the club but has considerable experience and at the moment is producing very good scores.

Ralph Henderson: OU's oldest stalwart and a very dependable shot.

Jim Perry: As yet has not found his best form but has knowledge and experience in the game.

Michael Simeock: Has improved considerably with last year's tournament experience.

John Simeock: With the purchase of a new and dependable rifle has improved out of sight.

Don du Temple: Also an experienced marksman, never panics and is capable of excellent scores.


The VUC shooting team will comprise: I. Newton from VUC and six Massey riflemen in D. Wright, K. Keelty, R. Beamish, R. Bentley, D. Firth and S. Brook.



D. Tee: Ex-Auckland junior provincial titleholder. Winner of many fights in open amateur boxing. At last year's Easter Tournament, winner of light welter title and of most scientific boxer award. Awarded NZU Blue.

M. D. Hill: Former winner of Auckland junior provincial lightweight title. Undefeated in several amateur bouts. Fought for Auckland-last year's Easter Tournament.

P. Hohipa: Runner-up in North Auckland bantamweight amateur amateur championships. Has had some success in amateur boxing. At last year's Easter Tournament had no opponents, won his weight on default.


W. Whineray (heavyweight): Likely to be the star of the team. Well known in rugby circles, Wilson hist year blasted his way to victory in the heavyweight division for VUC. Strong and powerful, he is a fighter of great determination and he should be a certainty to retain his title.

I. A. McDougall (middleweight): The winner of this weight for the last two years, Ian is now one of the team's veterans. He is training hard, and can be considered a certainty to make it three in a row. He won an NZU Blue in 1954, and also the award for the most scientific boxer.

G. Tate (light-middleweight): Last year's runner-up in this division at Auckland, Graham was a representative of VUC.

R. A. Garden (welterweight): Last year he was narrowly defeated as a novice by one of the most outstanding fighters in the NZU championships.

C. A. Blakie (light-welterweight): A newcomer to the club's ranks, Ces is not so new to the hempen square.

C. Mitcaife (lightweight): This year's find. A tough, fit and unrelenting fighter.


Heavyweight: J. Samisani: A member of the Fijian Amateur Boxing Association. Newcomer to University boxing, expected to put up a good per-formance.

Light-heavyweight: R. Nickalls: Has not had much ring experience, but is a willing puncher and should do well in his weight.

Middleweight: R. Cosgrove: A fit and clever boxer.

Welterweight: J. Farry: A neat boxer, who is also a newcomer to university boxing.

Lightweight: C. Gribben: Fought well in tournament last year and should repeat his success this year.


Seven boxers will represent VUC in defence of the NZU Boxing Shield.

In the featherweight division, either Tom Brosnahan or Pat Johnston will represent VUC. NZU lightweight champion Doug Law is in fine fettle for the defence of his title. Light-welterweights Ina Thomson and Mike Webber are hard in training for their fight to decide VUC representation. Brendon Scully and Simon Lockhart are both competent boxers and will be fighting in the welter and light-middle weights respectively.

Middleweight Bob Stevenson will be a hard man to beat in his division as he has been fighting particularly well in recent weeks. The winner of the elimination contest between Rua Bristowe and Mike Watson should do well in the heavyweight division as both men are particularly fit and both are very determined fighters.

See you at the Drinking Horn

See you at the Drinking Horn

Salient, a student newspaper in Victoria University College, printed by Kapi-Mana News Ltd., Plimmerton, and edited and published by Richard Nicholas Turner, journalist, of 54 Central Terrace, Wellington, for the Victoria University College Students' Association (Inc.), Wellington.

Thursday, March 29, 1956.