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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 1. 4th March, 1957

Daring Young Man

[unclear: Daring] Young Man

[unclear: te] is a big-name movie. In [unclear: place] it stars he-man Burt [unclear: r], glamorous Lolobrigida [unclear: ty-boy] Tony Curtis. Even [unclear: hmsively,] was photo by Robert Krasker and directed by Carol Reed, who work as an effective team.

Considering the reputations of these assembled talents the film is somewhat disappointing; but considering some of the flops with which each of them has been associated, it is much better than might have been feared. Carol Reed in particular continues to walk the artistic tightrope. Here he neither stretches himself to his full height, as displayed in The Fallen Idol and The Third Man, nor does he wobble as uncertainly as in The Man Between, in this film one is impressed by Reed's competent craftsmanship, rather than by the exciting direction of earlier successes. Krasker does better with some fine camera work on the trapeze acts in The Big Top, which generate a considerable amount of excitement.

What of the players? Lolobrigida looks shapely in her spangled costumes, talks enticingly in stronglyaccented English and can be suitably fierce when called upon to display temper. Tony Curtis is his usual unsatisfactory self. Burt Lancaster on the other hand acts with force and conviction. He is an experienced and effective player who seldom goes wrong. As written, the character he displays has no great depth, but Lancaster does manage to make it real.

[unclear: wrapese] is not going to go down on everybodys list of film classics; it is nevertheless an entertaining spectacle, neatly put together and effectively photographed in Technicolor.