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Salient.The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 4. April 6, 1955

Criticism A Sign of Genuine Concern, Says Ex-President

Criticism A Sign of Genuine Concern, Says Ex-President

Criticism of the management committee has bees considered to be the traditional and regular practice of the residents of Weir House and their association's committee. It is, however, a mere coincidence that I should be taking part in that ceremonial custom.

My thesis throughout the annual report (and especially in the section on the management committee) is that every person who accepts public office and responsibility must discharge his duty with care, attention and hard work.

The College Council recognised its responsibility in the administration of Weir House by appointing a sub-committee to recommend its management. During the Academic year of 1954 insufficient attention was given by this committee to the House and it seems that their collective interest was passive rather than active.

If shortage of time prevents the members of the Council and its subcommittee from devoting more time to Weir, inter alia then those who are at fault should not continue to sit on either body.

Time for Reform

It is time that the Council assessed the value and effectiveness of the present methods of administration, for if Weir in to fully serve its proper function changes may be necessary. I firmly believe that there is that need for revision and adjustment and the comments and suggestions which appear in the Association's Annual Report have been made in the knowledge that fair and just criticism is of value to any body which endeavours to serve the best interests of the Trust which it administers and the wishes of the benefactor who created it.

N.B.—Perhaps the continued criticism by the residents has not been properly diagnosed as a symptom of genuine concern but lightly passed over as a mere observance of an ancient custom.

John Marchant,

President, Weir Association.