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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 2. March 10, 1955

Victoria's Progressives. . . — Revive WUS

Victoria's Progressives. . .

Revive WUS

World University Service with its headquarters in Geneva, is an international body, whose membership is not restricted to any particular political or religious creed. It has its roots in European Student Relief (ESR) which was established in 1920 to meet the urgent material needs among university students caused by the First World War. Today it is concerned with vital everyday problems the world over, and this concern is given concrete expression in relief for needy students in European and Asian countries. Relief takes the form of student hostels, text-book schemes, student sanatoria, etc. But apart from raising money to make the undertaking of such projects possible, WUS also provides for research on University problems, and education for international understanding.

Until lost year WUS did not exist" at VUC, although there were branch committees at most of the other Colleges and very strong committees at CUC and OU." However, at the Easter Council meeting of NZUSA last year the following motion was passed:—

"That NZUSA support the activities of WUS especially in the field of relief and ask all the college executives to assist in the formation of local committees in their colleges where they do not already exist and to encourage all local WUS committee activities."


The VUCSA Executive therefore appointed Miss D. Lecher to convene a meeting of interested parties and a temporary WUS committee was appointed. This committee held a collection in the College towards the end of the third term and the sum of approx. £32 was raised and remitted to the WUS Dominion Committee in Dunedin.

This year the temporary committee held a meeting at which it considered what form the permanent committee should take. It was considered that each of the religious clubs, the Socialist Club and the Executive should be entitled to appoint a representative to the new committee.

The temporary committee also considered a programme of activities for 1955. It ill intended to arrange a series of talks and lectures on current student and university problems to enable VUC students to gain some idea of the difficulties with which students in other countries are faced.

A dance will be held on April 1 to raise funds and it is hoped that it will again be possible to hold a collection in the college during the third term.

Hudson Caterers Ltd. (in liquidation) who ran the Cafeteria last year under contract with the Students' Association, will not run it this year. The Executive decided, in view of possible financial commitments, to approach Tea Services Ltd. in the hope that they would be able to continue operation. Tea Services ran the Cafeteria until 1953. Under the general terms of a new contract, the Cafeteria will be rent-free and Tea Services will accept all of the profit, if any.

It has been impossible for the students to run the cafeteria as at CUC. The defects in the present system must be considered as necessary evils.

* * *

The Professorial Board made the following awards, at its meeting last month:

Sir Robert Stout Scholarship: D. G. Simmers.

Collins Prize in English Literature: English I, I. F. R. Routley and D. M. Brown.

N.Z. Institute of Chemistry Prize (Chemistry) I: J. L. Mansell

Butterworth Prize in Law (Roman Law): E. B. Robertson.

Rupert Fred Mackay Memorial Prize: E. B. Robertson.

Hunter Memorial Prize (Psychology): Jane Beaglehole and Carol Journet.

The College Council lust month approved the following recommendations of the Professorial Board:—

Senior Scholarships: D. G. Simmet's Margot B. Ashwin, Jennifer F. Boi-vin, D. C. Thompson, Jeanettc M. Scott. W. G. Malcolm.

Alexander Crawford Scholarship: Jane Beagiehole.

Archibald Francis McCallum Scholarship in Law: E. B. Robertson.