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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 10. July 15, 1954


Weir's re-union weekend, marking her coming-of-age, has come and gone. In response to the hundreds of notices which were sent out, Old Residents from both the Mainland and the Other Island congregated in Wellington to once again shake hands with the old faces at the Smoke Concert. To your reporter's not always crystal-clear memory the weekend went something like this:—

There was a sound of [unclear: revery] by night . . . Weir Ball. Preceded for many by a dinner at the Grand, at which the gastronomic capacity of many present residents was only too well revealed—only time saved the proprietors, who must have served some hundreds of normal dinners—the Weir Ball on Friday evening was a magnificent start to the weekend. Soft lights . . . sweet music from the Garth Young Orchestra as it wandered tunefully from bar to bar . . . beautiful girls wearing dazzling dresses which kept everyone but themselves warm . . . will its like be seen again?

We Downcast Held: Saturday morning saw the Past v. Present Football match. The Old Timers re-union committee had touchingly requested the present young and virile residents to take it easy with the old fellows. This crafty piece of Gamesmanship—an opening gambit in the best Weir tradition—was we claim, a decisive factor in the defeat by sixteen Old Residents (including All Black Bill Clark, who also acted as referee) of our fifteen by 14-8. Carefully timed cries of "on the ball" by Old Boys on the sideline had the desired effect on shattered present residents on the field, whose one earnest wish was to forget The Ball.


Drinking Horn: The Old Residents claim that the fact that they won the football and lost the drinking horn 12-man teams event that afternoon by l0-8secs is proof of the decadence of Weir youth, needs no comment. We can't think of one anyway. It is sufficient to say that our Captain led his team on to a glorious victory, unmarried by the unsightly dribbling of others whom we could name. For the many other ices-gifted past and present residents the afternoon was indeed a pleasant one.