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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 13. July 15, 1953

This is our Task

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This is our Task

Winter Tournament this year it in Auckland: it is still a month away, but already people are saying that we are once more due for the wooden spoon. So convinced are these people of Vic's ineptitude that to suggest to them that we could actually win a tournament is to bring down upon the optimist's head a large quantity of undeserved scorn. For it is a fact: we can win a Tournament if we go about it with the unity of purpose that characterises the efforts of other Colleges.

We are not at puny at the heathen would have us believe: our weakness lies our own lack of comprehension of the situation. Some, believing we have no chance, will make no sacrifices to go to tournament, while others who do go (often without sacrifice.) will not male the necessary effort to ensure that they turn on a top performance when they compete. There are others of course who think that tournament it not worth anything anyway.

All this stems from the underlying acceptance of defeat. This attitude must be met and destroyed. For this year we must be given an excellent chance at least in soccer, table-tennis, miniature rifles, cross country running., and men's basketball, while our chances in other sports are not at remote as they may appear. If we were to win in these alone, we could come back with the shield. But we will not win if we do net want to.

In 1952 our Easter Tournament team shouId have been at least within half a point of the winners.

With a little extra effort in one sport we could have won. We failed badly because in two sports our opportunities were thrown away with victory in our grasp. The important thing to realise is this. In 1952 the men and women who represented us ought to have won us the shield, because they were good enough. This it not a fanciful conclusion: it is one which it supported by facts and figures and is something which must be recognised.

Those of you who bother to read this are for the most part, people who are active in the University to you we say this. If you are going to tournament take it seriously. You are there primarily for the good of the college And whether you are going to tournament or not there it a job for you. Get out and sell tournament to those who are wavering: from now until August 15th direct yourselves to the task of winning. See that these who did not bother to go last year do go this year. And above all see that those who are to represent at are prepared to represent us properly.

In these columns we can only call attention to these ideas. It it for all of us, working at a unit, to put that driving force into our efforts that can bring us success. This it our purpose our goal—"to fight, to strive and not to yield." This it for everyone