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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 8. May 27, 1953

Tramping Club A.G.M

Tramping Club A.G.M.

Professor Boyd-Wilson was in the chair at the Tramping Club A.G.M. held recently. The minutes of the previous meeting, the annual report, and the interim financial statement having been disposed of with little ado, the following officers were elected with even less ado:—
  • President: Profeasor Boyd-Wilson.
  • Vice-presidents: C. R. Ellis, A. EL Scotney, S. F. Jenkins.
  • Chairman: "Woof Adams.
  • Vice-chairman: Eric Offner.
  • Treasurer: Trevor Mowbray.
  • Secretary: Ruth Steiner.
  • Chief Guide: Bill Cameron.
  • Committee: Pom Cooper, David Bridges, Tony Somerset.

The club decided to dissociate itself from the Tawhai hut in the Orongorongas. Mr. Casey, on be-half of the Associated Mountain Clubs, then asked the meeting whether it was in favour of the control of the Tararua block being transferred from the Forestry Department to the National Parks Board. The club did not seem unduly concerned who controlled the Tararua block, and decided that the status quo was as good a status as any and left it at that.

The meeting showed considerably more enthusiasm in thanking Prof. Boyd-Wilson for his services to the club, and for the £10 he donated to-wards the re-roofing of the Allaway Dixon hut.

After the meeting we were entertained by the film "Prelude to Aspiring" and two other interesting films.

The weather alas has not been kind to the club this year. The Easter attempt at the Northern crossing was thwarted by our old enemy Hughie. However a good time was had by all in spite of the mud. wind, mud. snow-grass-cum-elephant grass, mud. Woofs "schew", mud, Jerry waking up in the wee sma' hours and making vain attempts to engage people in conversation, mud and more mud. . . . On the weekend of May 2 some of our stalwarts sojourned overnight in the Allaway-Dixon hut. Not until they had been thoroughly soated both inside and out could they consider that the hut anniversary had been properly and sufficiently celebrated. This of course had nothing to do with the high correlation between the trampers who sat and the science students who failed the following weeks terms exams. The club however is determined to put it across Hughie yet and there are more trips envisaged.

New Blood is always welcome and the club has gear that is available for first-time-outers. Any of the above-mentioned aristocracy, or the proletariat will be perfectly willing to give any advice about gear, what to wear, what sort of grog to take, etc. Watch the notice-board and if you rather fancy yourself in a parka and would "rather like to try" put your name down and come along.