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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 8. May 27, 1953

Progress on Extrav

Progress on Extrav.

Despite procesh, the Taj, Capping Ball and vacations, Extrav '53 goes on. The original script of Marsqueraid is being torn to pieces, "typical" student humour is coming to the surface, catchy tunes are being hummed in one's sleep and generally Extrav is being moulded, under the watchful eyes of competent producer Jeff Stewart, with Bill Sheat assisting. After reading this progress report you will probably cancel your sub to Salient and come along to see for yourself just what is going on.

And what is going on? Those bods living In Wai-te-ata Road and the cemetery are no doubt aware that something is afoot. And it is. Last Sunday week, after awaiting the arrival of Sid (Dave Crowe) and Pop Popule (Jim Hutchinson), the First Act was run through in the Upper Gym. The script was amended in parts to Include some spicy impromptus, but others were not included. . . . Unfortunately Stud Ass did not provide a meal on Sunday, and consequently an order of "three or four quids" worth" of fish and chips arrived to the astounded ears of the prosperous fish and chip maker. Eventually four trays of fish and two trays of chips. However, there was no fish left after the tea break. The session concluded at 10.30 p.m. with the first act well under way. ¼

Tuesday night in the Little Theatre saw a ditto of the first act, and the second act was livened up by Dave and Jim's solo of the "Te Aro" song. These two comedians kept coming in and going out of the room throughout the evening, each time looking more and more refreshed, more and more cheerful. Pop (Jim Hutchinson) gives the theatre the atmosphere of a prize-ring with his rendering of the line ". . . This is the occasion ... of the twenty-foist boithday of me only daw-ter—(wait for It)—Electra!" accompanied by tumultuous applause and cheers from the audience.

On Thursday night, rumours were confirmed when Jeff announced that the forest of Arden scene had been deleted and was being replaced by a substantially new scene set in the Murupara Forest, with geothormal bores abounding, because "the Flat-foot-on-Avon players could arrive through the direct connection with the Underground in London." Kath Slocombe put her foot in her line in the Hospital Board scene) but she soon recovered. What a constitution! Comrade Bollinger and Co. were busy putting the finishing touches [unclear: on] the Murupara scene as the rest of the cast gathered around the piano, ably manipulated by musical director Garth Young, and sang some ditties.

With two weeks till opening night there is still a very grave shortage of back-stage personnel, bell-boys, make-up mixers and clothiers, and particularly of wardrobe assistants to help Marie Hampton in her arduous task as wardrobe mistress. If any of you are intrigued with Extrav, come along to the rehearsals this week and make yourself known. You will be welcomed, nay. even appreciated (both the males and the ladies). This year's stage manager is again Huddy Williamson, who takes John Wright's place (who it was reported earlier had taken Huddy's place) which means everything is back again to normal. Huddy has held this position for the last few extra vs.

Property manager, an obscure but V.I.P.. is Ian Rich.

And finally, what of the men's ballet? I mean the male ballet. Keep your wet fingers off it." one surly character thundered with his adenoids rattling against his wishbone. Not very funny. Not very enlightening. Not even humorous. Quite corny. Yes. But not so the ballet group in action. Watching them trying to dance is enlightening. It's funny. It's humorous. Not at all corny. No. Pat Christie is doing wonders to those flat-footed elephants. They'll be pirouetting by June 1, I guarantee.

One final word to you, dear reader. If you cannot possibly come to rehearsals, don't miss seeing Extrav in the Opera House during the Coronation week—see it every night if possible. Book well in advance, otherwise you have two shows of getting in on The nights.

See you at the Opera House Mon.-Sat., June 1-6.

Brian C. Shaw