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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 4. March 25, 1953

President's Answer

President's Answer

Dear Sir

1.I did not deny your right to criticise. I regarded your "attack" as unfair because of the Inferences that could be drawn from it and the specific allegations as unfair because they were untrue. I asked you to withdraw the allegations, not the "attack."
2.You have not attempted to justify the allegations. Your readers can best judge this issue.
3.True, you did not deny the merits of those selected, but you discussed the merits of your candidates, said nothing about the others, and left your readers to draw a number of derogatory inferences.
4.Since when has the revelation of total voting figures destroyed the secrecy of the ballot? Members votes were and are completely secret from me or anyone else it was my duty to get the total figures to see whether the motion then before the Exec was constitutionally Justifiable.
5.When I write to Salient, there is no obligation on me to confer with other Exec members unless I claim to be representing their views. I, too, have a right to criticise.
6.Last August, the Exec agreed to a new policy of subsidising a reporter as part of the Tournament team The Exec rescinded this when you became a Tournament competitor simply because you then automatically qualified for the same subsidy.
7.I sincerely Apologise for my error in saying that you were Editor last Easter it would have been more correct to call you the de facto editor. Shortly after Easter, I asked you, the Exec reporter, why you had not been at NZUSA. You did not then say that it was the Editor's job but merely replied: "Salient is the judge of what in news." I fail to see why an NZUSA meeting held in Wellington was not news when one held in Christchurch four months later was.
Ja'i fini.

Yours faithfully.

M. J. O'Brien, President