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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 2. March 11, 1953



Films Cartoon

This week, eminent readers. I have a confession to make. I went to see Charlie Chaplin's "Limelight" during the vacation but, unfortunately, the only review I can write about it will do Justice neither to the producer, film or you.

This film has not so far been placed in the "problem film" category but it poses the most serious problems to my critical sense. The fact that the first part of the film appeared to me sometimes hopelessly blurred, sometimes double, was certainly rather a handicap to astute critical judgment of the film's undoubted artistry but when, in the second half, the little red devils would keep walking across Claire Bloome's exquisite face at the most pathetic moments was too much. Jean Cocteau's most surrealistic effects in Orphe were completely outclassed. Perhaps the most dramatic moment for me was at the final climax when Chaplin collapses into the drum overcome with a heart attack at the peak of his return. The spectacle of a small red snail drifting across the contorted features whilst pink elephants waltzed on the drum: well... I am going to see it this week and hope to do it justice next week!