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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 2. March 11, 1953

Students Shirk Office — Financial Shambles

Students Shirk Office

Financial Shambles

At this time of the year many clubs are holding annual general meetings. To some, these are things to be avoided. To a few who are really interested in their sport they are an opportunity to participate in the organising of the clubs' activities—a very necessary factor if the club is to function with any smoothness.

It is surprising that at an institution devoted to the training of the leaders of society that such irresponsibility as exhibited by so many in their refusal to partake in administrative functions is so prevalent. This indifference often extends to a refusal to attend these A G. M.'S. Yet it is these people who during the forthcoming season will be the first to complain when deficiencies in the running of the club appear. If you have any complaints, any suggestions, then these meetings are the time to air them. But don't be surprised and indignant if you are met with the response—"you do better." Constructive criticism is always welcome. Criticism which takes the form of prolonged moans and which offer nothing to replace the offending system are not acceptable.

Risking having these remarks quoted against us, we would still venture the following criticisms about club organisation. The most common complaint with which club or ganisation if infected with is insusficient attention as regards money mutters. This indifference to financial problems has been aided by the Ml to easy method in which the clubs obtain their money. The arduous and often embarrassing work of collecting subscriptions is done for them by the Students' Association. Their main task in this respect is haggling with the Executive over the size of the grant. Often a lack of understanding of each other's problems gives these discussions an unpleasant atmosphere. But still many of the financial difficulties are taken away from the clubs.

The lackadaisical approach many of the clubs to the subject of finance is out of all proportion to the [unclear: seriousness] of the task. It even results in some clubs in a failure to produce an annual report and balance sheet. Also in cases where levies are necessary because of increased financial liabilities little care is taken to see that the burden is distributed evenly throughout the clubs. The matter of receipts is also often neglected. The task of the Student Association auditor is made Increasingly difficult by the failure of the club to attend to these points.

To the members of the clubs as individuals remember that your sports fees are easily the smallest in Wellington and the extra few shillings sometimes asked is not too great an expense to pay for your sport.

The proposed meeting of the Executive and club officials forecasted in the President's article in last week's Salient is certainly a step in the right direction and should be fully attended by all concerned. It is perhaps too much to expect that this indifference to financial matters so well established in Victoria will be eradicated in a just season.

Attend your A.G.M.'s and if called upon fill administrative posts. Time spent in fulfilling such duties is not time wasted. Take your position seriously. And club members make your committees' burden lighter by cooperating whenever called upon.