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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 7. May 1, 1952

The Socialist Club Reports — Bollinger and Monroe Speak

page 3

The Socialist Club Reports

Bollinger and Monroe Speak

On April 2 the club held its AGM in the Common Common Room. Mrs. Piper, the retiring treasurer read the financial statement and the retiring secretary H. MacNell read the club report for the past session. The club's activities had largely centred upon the campaign for civil liberties during 1951 and it was a clear, fact that, a large body of students, many of them very far distant from the ideals of Socialism, in their own persuasion, were nevertheless prepared to co-operate in joint activity with the club members to stop the attacks on present freedoms. It was the general feeling of the meeting that the struggles to retain basic rights, should not be allowed to wane now that the Police Offences Bill had become law. Even in its revised form this legislation meant exceptionally serious limitations of civil liberties.

Two other fields of the club's activity forecast for 1952 session, were the maintenance and extension of international understanding and the continuation of the struggle for improved student conditions. It was stressed that civil liberties, student conditions, education facilities and access, etc., were all very closely linked to the central need, a peaceful world. In connection with student needs, the incoming committee was recommended to take as a basis for its work the revised Bursary scheme of the Student Labour Federation. It was felt too, that the club should resist the increased exam fees and hostel accommodation charges until students received higher bursaries and salaries. Members of an opposition political club came along at the conclusion of their own meeting and took part in the discussion. Proceedings however, continued on a high note of cordiality. Club members and adversaries alike stayed on after the conclusion of business to attend a showing of two films—"Man One Family" and "The Wastage of Human Resources."

On April 22 Conrad Bollinger. Student Labour Federation delegate to the Sydney Carnival of Youth for Peace reported back to the club. Marjorie Monroe, another Victoria Student, who attended the same event, as the delegate of an independent group of students also gave her impressions. The most revealing aspect of the addresses were the insight they gave into the breadth and strength of the Peace Movement in other countries. Precisely because of this strength were such frenzied and despicable efforts made to wreck it. The incident of a "brawl" was freely reported in the Press yet how few people are aware that it was a complete fake staged for the benefit of opposition Press. Most people also are not aware that low flying aeroplanes were employed to fly round the carnival grounds to drown out with the noise of their engines the speeches of the delegates. All these efforts failed and the carnival ended with a very large procession through the streets of Sydney.

What is perhaps more interesting to students at Victoria College, is the attempts that were made, right here, to stop this report back meeting. Club notices giving the time and place of the meeting were torn down and another purporting to cancel the meeting substituted. In spite of this effort to deny students at Victoria the right to hear for themselves what happened at Sydney, the club has great pleasure in pointing out to those responsible that this was the best attended meeting the club has organised for over a year. This vandalism has however not gone unnoticed and the Student Exec. has been informed of the matter. It is expected that some action will take place.

The type of delinquent moron responsible for this action is obviously Incapable of benefiting from a university education and the sooner he leaves this place the better it will be, both for his poor befuddled wits, and also for the rest of the students who have to put up with his odious presence. Of course the Socialist Club has encountered opposition in the past, but usually this has taken the form of free open debate where both sides have stated their case, and left the audience to Judge, Because this individual fears the result of Free debate, be attempts to sabotage ANY discussion It is quite certain that students of all opinion, including those who have most bitterly opposed our policy in the past, will join with us in deploring this action and assisting the Students Assin to ensure that it does not occur again.

It is [unclear: neccssary] to record the club's hanks and appreciation to those members of the Fencing and Soccer Clubs, whose willing co-operation made possible a film showing and supper, after the meeting.

H. C. [unclear: McsNeill.]