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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 7. May 1, 1952

Potted Pars... — Around the Campus — Hi-de-hi for Do-se-do

Potted Pars...

Around the Campus

Hi-de-hi for Do-se-do

Last Friday night I attended lectures in square dancing and am enthusiastic about keeping terms. The who delivered hit notes fluently arid in language with enough technicality to be interesting but sufficiently plain to be intelligible.

I have been critical of the craze on account of the lurid dress usually worn but on Friday night all were more or less respectable and none of the women present wore jeans—except possibly Jean herself.

The class was promoted by the Socialist Club and although no mention was made, of a time-table there is no doubt that if there is enough interest further classes, possibly to the honours stage, will be held. That means at least twice as many as attended on Friday, including three times as many freshers.

Scared to take Sides?

At a very pleasant get together on Saturday evening, a number of members of the Socialist Club discussed student affairs in the comfort of the residence of Mr. and Mrs Stewart Grange. Salient (?—Ed.) was there so that all I want to say is that one young lady raised the point of view that perhaps students were reluctant to label themselves any colour but the palest of pink or blue. Personally I believe that for general safety traffic must keep as far as possible to the left without actually going off the road altogether and taking a left, turning. And the answer given to the young lady was reassuring—that the Socialist Club was more concerned with keeping in contact With development affecting students than in reorganising society at large. Very necessary, because developments can be sudden, and seriously affect the student.

A Liquid Liability

Some disturbance was caused by a student in Economics I last Friday night. He had obviously been drinking something considerably stronger than Socialist Club tea. Lecturer Mr. Scott turned the contretemps to good account when he showed, how easily a liquid asset could be disposed of. The same lecturer earlier in the week touched briefly on the economics of hitch-hiking (N.Z. Motor World please note) when he explained that the train service to Tawa Flat did not leave him much time to answer questions after the lecture. Car owners travelling in that direction could be assured of every attention, he said.

O.K. On the Notice Board

The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit—can persuade it to come back again in about a week's time to remove the notice it put up on the board.

A Pathetic Infliction

Part-time students are warned of the necessity for remaining away from college grounds until five minutes before lectures commence (i.e., until ten minutes after the hour) and disappearing as quickly as possible after the lecture. This is essential; otherwise they will be affected by Student Apathy and, as a result, take no interest in student affairs. The correspondent around the Campus for this and another 17 issues has been involuntarily innoculated against the scourge and compelled to hang around at odd [unclear: momer]. Anyone wishing to contact the writer should look for a leather satchel inscribed in gold—P. Shaw.