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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 6. April 24, 1952


"All things come to him who waits" says the old proverb and here at last comes a word of praise for that much maligned institution, the Haka-Party. All those people who in the past have criticised these worthy representatives of Weir House for diverse fallings ranging from "Wasting their own time and money, set of drunken rascals, etc., etc." to "breaking up a well-organised show, setting the public against us, etc." must now bow their heads and acknowledge, after the events of [unclear: tournament] weekend, that the Haka-Party has, somewhat tardily, come of age. With the accent on cooperation with tournament officials and careful organisation, the Weir House savages provided a spark of life (and a certain amount of spirit) wherever they appeared.

We are reliably informed (to coin a phrase) that publicity for the boxing and athletics was almost entirely due to the Haka-Party who went the rounds on Wednesday forcing advertising cards on innocent shop-keepers. We treasure the memory of the corsetry shop with cards neatly tucket! into all the models' girdles.

The city council unlike its more en-lightened counterpart in Dunedin who realised that students like the poor are always with us and acted accordingly, issued an edict forbidding any sort of procession and the selling of programme on the streets. (We must not be hard on them, however, perhaps they had traffic problems or something). Despite this wise and provident ruling 14 Haka-Party members sold 600 programmes, a very noble effort. How much this salesmanship was due to the assistance of a mysterious dinosaur (subsequently arrested by members of Wellington's finest) is hard to say. Suffice to say that all the programmes were sold.