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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 4. March 27, 1952

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Sir,—It has of late come forcibly to my notice that there has recently been in this College, an inundation of persons not previously observed hereabouts. Now, sir, it is not my wish to complain, but this is a phenomenon which I have observed every year since the year after I first started here, and it is something to which I take exception. I have come to the conclusion that every year at about this time the same sort of thing happens; it doesn't last long because after the first two or three weeks nobody sees these persons again, and a jolly good thing too I should say. I like to see the old faces, and to know that no matter what happens nobody will ever do anything. Do you think, sir, that in order to save me this untold strain of seeing these new people every year for two weeks, it would be possible to arrange to see that they do not come here at all. Surely it would not make any difference, would it? Sorry to end my letter with a question mark.—Yours, etc., Student.

Tennis Club Criticised

Sir,—Having been transferred to VUC. hence on a par with freshers. I am somewhat alarmed that there has been no notice appearing on the main notice boards concerning the activities, if any, of the tennis club. I feel that VUC is very fortunate in having courts on the premises and am disappointed that there is no apparent organisation or interest taken in new members. I am wondering just what the Stud. Ass, cards were for since beyond a few apologetic statements in a recent copy of "Spike" I have failed to find any gen.

It is easy to see by the notice boards just which clubs and societies are active enough to warrant general student interest.—I am, etc., Sans.