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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 1. March 5, 1952

Salient Welcomes You To Victoria! — freshers freshers

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Salient Welcomes You To Victoria!

freshers freshers

Your more sophisticated and experienced friends who are not—repeat not—freshers will tell you that the talk by the principal is not worth wasting your time on . . . some of them have never been to this talk themselves they had their minds made up for them by their more sophisticated and experienced friends . . . how about making up your own mind?

* * *

As a Sign That you are Now Adults and no Longer Schoolchildren it is not necessary to raise your hands in lectures when asking questions and the lecturer will refer to you as ladies and gentlemen.

And so, when you take a meal in the Caf—where the elite meet to eat—you do use the ashtrays, do not carve on the tables or steal the cutlery. You think Salient is being superior?

Why not write and say so?

* * *

Did you Get a Copy of the SCM Handbook? It tells you about all the clubs and gives secretary's addresses and phone numbers, provides a timetable in blank, includes a calendar for the year, sets out some of the important facts and events. This handbook is free and was available on enrolment. They will be available at the Exec. room.

* * *

Those persons in the library dressed in green smocks are librarians, charming creatures, if treated the right way. They will try and assist you find the book or periodical you want. The college library receives Time and Newsweek, The Times Literary and Educational Supplements, Statesman and Nation, the Economist and other magazines. Time runs a privileged customer gamut but is there eventually. Some books, those behind the counter, are available only for weekends. Remember—kindness pays.

* * *

The noticeboards near the Caf and the main noticeboard are for your 'convenience. Important executive announcements are on the noticeboard at the foot of the main stairs next to the plan of the college and a list of the staff.

* * *

A telephone for your use at the top of the Caf stairs is not to be used for (a) toll calls, (b) over long conversations, (c) love lyricising. Other people are often waiting.