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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 1. March 5, 1952

varsity blues — or lines to a young man about to leave for College

varsity blues

or lines to a young man about to leave for College

Yer pays yer money and yer has no choice
Yer lifts no finger and yer raises no voice
yer puts down yer money and yer gets no change
aint it steerange

yer lists yer subjects and yer sees yer dean
he looks at yer and he thinks yer green
then lets yer take one that yer really want
deanery grant

yer reads the list in the calendar
and yer gets em books from near and far
and they says yer dont need em yer very first lectcha

yer bounds up the hill like a mountain goat
an sneak in the back bench like a weasel or stoat
expectin ter hear wisdom from the lecturers lips

yer looks at the girl in the bench beside yer
shes got buck teeth and her looks affright yer
theres one down the front youd like ter get near
oh yeah career

yer goes ter extrav and yer has some beer
fore yer finished yer glass yer out on yer ear
its bin doctored and doped its unfermented and laced
next day yer disgraced

so choose yer weapons and prepare fer the worst
sling away yer, books and don't get immersed
keep yer head above water never sink below wine
dont take mine

stay away from the caf and the cercle francaise
save yer money and say yer graise
have no latin and own to no grique
be scicntifique

keep away from women keep away from sin
stay away from weir house and the people therein
yerv paid yer money and yerl get no choict
yer loist

dont take arts dont display yer talents
stay away from extrav and the drama galents
play no games lock yerself in a cell
oh hell