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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. March 15, 1951

Care Please in the Caf

Care Please in the Caf.

Cabbage cooking is a self advertising process as those who work in the Library often know but a week or so ago cabbage wouldn't have had a chance in the Caf. The painters were in and busy.

The walls and shelves had been painted and when Salient visited the place the tables were receiving their coat of fresh cream paint. Now the staff are worrying that we are going to spoil what has been done.

Last year and in previous years it seems that students drew diagrams on table cloths, used nail files and knives to do it and not only ripped the cloths but scratched the tables. This is vandalism even if the person who told us all about this was very nice about the whole business. Only a few people are responsible for any damage or dirt but those few do it every time they eat there.

"We're almost as important as the lecturer's. We're here to keep you people fed and we try our best to do it well." We pressed for further information but we had to be content with concern about the newly painted tables and a little matter of salt, pepper and sugar.

Some halfwits, so it appears, delight in leaving a little pile of salt, sugar and pepper in the middle of the table together with empty cellars. We take the view that the Caf. people should have the right to ask anybody they see doing this to leave, but it is certainly up to us to see that the staff who manage the Caf. are given some consideration.

"Up I'm Afraid."

We enquired about the price of meals and although nothing had been decided yet it appeared likely that an increase is necessary. Meat has risen in price three times since September and flour and sugar are up too.

Food and Society

The Caf. has room for about 80 people and the average number fed each night is about 240. This is fast going when one considers how cramped the conditions are.

It also means that students who do go there can be assured of a change of faces every half an hour or so. Freshers should be on their guard against rumours that the Caf. food is a poor collation, a miserable offering. During last year the service improved, and many went away satisfied.

Besides it is an old Vic tradition to grumble about the Caf. and feeding 240 is a more complex task than feeding a family especially when food has to be kept hot for long periods. It will cost you more down in the city.

City Meal : 2/6 minimum
Fare : 4d
Energy : 3d
amit 3/1 at least

Moans and Groans

Miss Christine Harvie at the time of writing is the Cafeteria Controller and if you must complain she is the person to see. Not that the Cafeteria Controller wishes to hear about a dirty cup, a polite request to the manageress wil do the trick, but more serious matters are in her control. Sarcastic comments, expressions of disgust over the food, the smelling of meals and pointed remarks in the cafeteria are neither polite nor effective. There is a person to hear complaints and the manageress will deal with small matters if the complainant is polite.


Who has the teaspoon which were purchased with your money and have since disappeared?'