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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 7. June 23rd, 1948

Salient An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Executive Election Special Issue

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Salient Executive Election Special Issue


An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z.

Executive Election Special Issue

Wednesday 23rd June

Record Entries-Hopeful Stakes


Alec McLeod

Alec McLeod, B.A., B.Sc., is a full-time English Honours student. Men's Vice-President June 1946 to April 1948, unopposed 47. Chairman Blues Committee 46-47. N.Z.U.S.A. Delegate 47. N.Z.U.S.A. Congress Committee 48. V.U.C. Delegate to Australian Students Conference 47. Salient Staff 43-48, Editor 47 and at present Temporary Acting Editor. Tramping Club Chief Guide 41. Committee 44-46. Literary Society Treasurer 48. Active member of Debating, Drama and Ski Clubs. Extrav. Props Manager 44-45. Cast 1940, 41, 46, 47, 48. Tournament Records Officer 45. Information Controller 47. I.S.S. Committee 47-48. Jubilee Spike Committee. He spent 1943 in the Army in N.Z.

He thinks the present Building Appeal Committee of ex-students and sympathizers should be the best means of raising a lot of money quickly, but if it is unable to function it should be replaced by a student committee. This money must be raised within a year. He first suggested the idea of an N.Z.U.S.A. Student Congress, and hopes to see it become a yearly event. He thinks the jubilee must be made a means of consolidating popular opinion in favour of V.U.C.

He will support any move to make Victoria a more jubilant, healthy, intellectual, sporting, comfortable, entertaining and popular institution.

Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien, M.Com., is a part-time student doing an Arts course. He was Secretary of the Association from July, 1947, to April, 1948, and has been President since. He is Secretary of the Building Appeal Committee, Chairman of the Student Jubilee Committee, member of the College Jubilee Committee, V.U.C. member on the Resident Exec. N.Z.U.S.A., Treasurer N.Z.U.S.A., Organizer of the Australian Debating Tour, President of the Debating Society. He was this year's Capping Controller and Extravaganza Organizer, has been Business Manager of Salient, has won the Union and New Speakers' Prizes and the Plunket Medal, and has represented V.U.C. both at Debating and Oratory. He has been a member of special committees mainly concerned with finance, and was financial adviser to N.Z.U.S.A. on exam fees. He is a member of the committee organizing the N.Z.U.S.A. Student Congress.

He believes in student representation on the Senate, an all out effort for the Building Fund, and maximum participation in the jubilee. He thinks a serious effort should be made to consolidate advances made so far and to decide whether the present structure of student administration will be the best to stand the strain of the future, while he thinks it desirable to make V.U.C. an integral part of city life.

Vice Presidents

Marget McKenazie

Marget is an English Honours student, member of the 1947-8 Executives and Women's Vice-President since April. Has taken an active interest in various College activities, the S.C.M. Executive (1945-6. 1946-71. Swimming, Drama. Social. Billeting (Winter Tournament 1947) and Cappicade Committees. Swimming rep. at Easter Tournaments 1946 and 1947. and Junior Delegate to N.Z.U. Council. Easter, 1948. At present a member of the Students' Fund Raising Committee (Building Appeal) and Congress Publicity Officer for V.U.C. and so is taking an interest in two major College projects.

Experience as an Exec. member and as N.Z.U. delegate has proved that some projects are at present impractical, but Marget will work for student welfare in every sphere. Specific activities which interest her are the improvement of all student facilities, the promotion of the Building Appeal and of N.Z.U. Congress, vacation employment scheme and interchange of New Zealand and Australian students whenever practical. Her primary aim however, is to stimulate students to a greater awareness of their responsibilities as members of the Stud. Ass. She is convinced that students of V.U.C. must gain the fullest respect of other colleges and of the community before their interests can be best advanced.

Jean Melling

Jean, an Arts student, was a member of the Executive 1945-47, and was Corresponding Member to N.Z.U.S.A. 1945-46. She has been a committee member of the Tramping. Miniature Rifles and Hockey Clubs and is on the Debating Committee for the fourth time—this year as secretary. Jean has been Cafeteria Controller since March, 1947, Capping Ball Controller 1946-7-8, and Acting-Editor of Salient since April. She was coauthor and assistant producer of this year's Extrav., was responsible for the collection for the U.N. Children's Appeal at the Opera House, and was largely responsible for the organization of the Napier trip. A keen hockey player, Jean captained the Senior Reserve team last year.

Jean is keen to push ahead the plans to raise money for the new Student Association Building in order to provide adequate cafeteria and other facilities for students as soon as possible, and is emphatic that it is a student responsibility to help raise the funds. She was responsible for the initial action in the Medical Scheme which was approved by [unclear: a] general meeting of the Association last year. She is particularly keen to see the Health Scheme become a permanent feature of student life.

Jim Battersby

(Elected Unopposed.)

Vice-President of the present Exec, and member of all Execs. since last June, Jim is an old boy of Wellington College, fourth year at V.U.C. completing B.A. this year. Last Winter Tournament, as V.U.C. Junior Delegate. Jim was secretary of both the local and N.Z.U. Tournament Committees. Other activities include chairman of I.S.S.; Treasurer of S.C.M. 1946, 1947 and President 1948; member 1946, 1947 of Rugby 1st XV, the Athletic Club, and Debating Society. At Easter. Jim lead the V.U.C. delegation to N.Z.U.S.A. Council.

Statement of Policy

"As stated last election, it seems to me unpractical, because of unforeseen circumstances arising, to state any policy towards specific projects. I feel that all students should be encouraged to enter wholeheartedly into the Student Union Building funds raising campaign among Association members. I would stress that I consider freedom in the university obliges students to participate in college activities; and I am opposed to any outside interference whatsoever in college affairs. If I am elected to office. I intend to act as I have tried to in the past, as a Christian student, assessing necessary action on any question by what I feel is in the interests of the student body as a whole."


Harry Evison

Harry Evison is an Arts graduate, now doing History Honours. He thinks that the main concern of the Executive should be the immediate problems of the College itself. The chief issue at the moment is that of obtaining better service for the students in staffing equipment and accommodation. For this it is essential that as much co-operation with the staff as is possible should be achieved. A more adequate bursary scheme, with more full time bursaries in all subjects, is a pressing need. Attendance at lectures should be optional, so that those students who do not find lectures essential could be more free to study privately. The building fund campaign is of course a first priority, and should be pursued [unclear: with the almost vigour].

Maurice O'Brien

Maurice is a law student, secretary of the Political Science Society, acting-President of the Catholic Students' Guild, has participated in debates, and is a member of the Law-Faculty Club. He supports the campaign for the Building Fund; and any movement in the College which has as its aim the improvement of student amenities. To support this aim, he supports a closer liaison between the Executive and affiliated clubs.

For the co-ordination of club activities, it seems desirable that a system whereby meetings of all clubs would be posted on the one board, so that any clash of speakers and subjects would be avoided.

Maurice also believes that the university should be brought closer to the community. He advocates the appointment of a member, responsible to the Executive, to handle ail relations between the Association and the Press.

This is particularly important in the Jubilee year, when it is essential not only that the past should be fittingly celebrated, but that the future should be assured by an increasing realization by the people of New Zealand of the valuable part that the University and its students can play in national life.

Committee Women

Barbara Holm

Barbara's chief qualification is her keen and sincere interest in student activities and business. She takes part in many College activities and has all-round interests.

A second-year Arts and Music student; a member of S.C.M. Exec., Table Tennis Committee and Social Committee; active member of the V.U.C. Hockey and Table Tennis Clubs. Attend Philosophical Society. Dramatic and Debating Club activi[unclear: ties] Helped with accompanying for [unclear: Extrav]. Supports the usual things—Building Fund, Hostels, Student Congress, Improvement of Student Facilities, etc. Is anxious to see "student apathy" broken own, and student cooperation and inter-faculty relations established. Is keen on the introduction of a year's non-specialized course for freshers. In student business, as elsewhere, Barabara can't stand panicky prejudice or intolerance. She believes in a just and honest treatment [unclear: of Stud. Ass business]

Sue Ilott

A member of the retiring Executive, Suzanne is doing Honours this year and holds a Senior Scholarship in Philosophy. She has taken an active interest in student activities and has been a committee member of many clubs—Philosophical Society, Women's Indoor Basketball. Hockey in 1948. Tennis. S.C.M. for two years, Secretary of Women's Gym Club. Women's Hockey Club for one year. She won the New Speaker's Debating Prize last year. She has represented Victoria at Tournaments Hockey 1945-46. Tennis 1946 and 48 and acted as Minutes Secretary of Tournament Delegates' Meetings. In Christmas holidays 1946 she visited Canadian and American universities.

She stands for (1) sound administration of College affairs in the interests of all students; (2) improvement of Victoria's standard at Tournaments; (3) a wholehearted effort to raise money for the Student Union Building.

Tui Keiha

Tui Keiha is a fourth-year part-lime Arts student. Training College 1945-6. Sports Editor Salient 1947-8. rep. for Debating Club on Building Committee 1948, and secretary Ski Club 1948. She is also a member of the Table Tennis Club, and has been in Extrav. casts 1946-8.

Tui is convinced by her experience as Sports Editor of Salient that more co-operation is needed between Sports Clubs, and advocates a more united front among the sporting fraternity to keep the wooden spoon menace away from Victoria and to maintain more sociable conditions between Clubs. She thinks the Building Fund is first priority for the new Executive, and wants to see full student participation in the Jubilee, organized on a club basis. She is of the opinion that the non-academic activities of many students could be increased without prejudice to swot.

Kathleen Langford

Kathleen is a full-time Arts student in her third year. She has been a member of the previous executives since August 1947. She takes an active interest in all branches of College life and was a past committee member of the S.C.M., on the Billeting. Committee of Winter Tournament 1947 and ran a part-time job bureau in the first term of this year and was Controller for this year's Undergraduates' Supper. She is taking an active part in the Funds Raising Appeal for the "Building Fund [unclear: and is] page 2 mittee for the January Student Congress.

Although the interchange of Australian and New Zealand students is impossible to arrange for the next long vacation. Kathleen will endeavour to see that such projects are pursued as soon as it is feasible. She realizes the immediate necessity for closer student-staff co-operation and for student representation on the Senate.

Apart from a general policy for improving student facilities. Kathleen will give active support for better student hostel accommodation and as far as she is able will further student welfare.

Pauline Michael

Pauline Michael has graduated B.A. and is now part-timing. She was co-opted Assistant-Secretary of the Association and has been Acting Secretary since May; is on Finance. Blues and "Liquor" committees. Past President and Secretary of the Music Club, and is now on the Music Committee. She has been Vice-President and committee member of the Catholic Students' Guild; secretary and committee member of the Gramophone Committee 1945-48; has always been a keen member of the Glee Club; has served on I.S.S. committees; and has been on Salient staff for 2½ years; was fencing rep. at Tournament last year, and is on the Swords Club committee this year; has played in several Extrav. orchestras.

Interested in cultural and sporting activities. Pauline is particularly keen to see full student and club cooperation in the Building Appeal, and in N.Z.U. Summer Congress; advocates better staff-student and student-community relations, and sensible and responsible exec. administration.

Alison Pearce

Alison is a member of the present executive and has found membership most interesting. Fifth year at College three—years full-time getting an Arts degree and now part-time doing Law so she feels that she is in touch with College life. She is on the Debating Society Committee and Convenor of the Women's Common Room Committee. Other clubs she has supported are the Glee Club. Swimming Club! the S.C.M. and has helped in the last three Extravs.

She would particularly like to see the College have more corporate life. This involves more encouragement of and support for clubs, more staff-student meetings and, of course, help with the Building Appeal. The College should have a proper hall in which outside speakers could address the students and discuss questions with them. This would fulfil a university function and help to lessen the impression that the university is just a school.

Gerarldine Player

She is in her 5th year at Varsity and is still doing her B.A. part-time, but she hopes to complete it this year.

She played basketball for Victoria in 1947 and managed to get away to Easter Tournament. She is particularly interested, in the Philosophical Society. She has taken part in several extravaganzas and [unclear: was] ballet mistress for this year's show.

She does not think that, election to the women's committee will make it possible for her to "secure closer cooperation between the University and the Community." or "rebuild the gymnasium," but can only promise to work conscientiously and energetically, if elected.

Joan Bobbins

Joan Bobbins is a member of the present Executive and Finance Committee; she was also on the Caretaker Executive.

A part-time commerce student, she is also interested in sport; as she is Secretary-Treasurer of the Women's Hockey Club, and an energetic team captain; she has represented Victoria in Table Tennis at Winter Tournament; and a member of the Senior A Tennis team at Easter Tournament.

Joan feels that as well as sporting and cultural clubs there are many other spheres of Varsity life needing concentrated support. First, of course, the Buiffing Fund needs the united effort of all members of the [unclear: College; also Student Congress being] held for the first time, under the direction of Victoria, merits the enthusiastic support of students; and a greater interest of more students in more clubs would be very beneficial to the university.

Dorothy Wood

Dorothy is a second year science student and takes an active interest in several college clubs and activities. She is at present a member of the I.S.S. Committee and is an active member of the Athletic Club and S.C.M. and takes an interest in the Glee Club and Biological Society. She represented V.U.C. in athletics at Easter Tournament, 1948.

She believes that students should not devote their whole time to study but should take an active interest and be prepared to accept responsibility in College affairs. She would like to see the students take a more active interest in I.S.S., and for student relief and for promoting international student understanding.

Committee Men

Piers Abraham

Piers Abraham, graduated B.A. last year and hopes to complete his LL.B. this year. He was in Weir House from 1943 to 1946 and is a firm believer in the benefits to be derived from resident student hostels. He has taken part in several Extravaganzas, both on the stage and on the administrative side; he was Cappicade Distributor in 1944. Ticket Controller in 1947 and will be remembered as House Manager this year. He was Records Controller for last year's Winter Tournament and has been an active member of the Social Committee since the end of 1944. At present he holds the post of Secretary to the Law Faculty Club and would like to sec similar organizations for the other faculties. He looks for improved hostel facilities, the revival of the Student Medical Scheme, closer relationships betwen the university and the town and a new gymnasium within his lifetime.

Barney Butchers

Barney Butchers, a part-time student doing Dip. Ed., graduated 1941. He spent four years in the Navy and returned in 1946 as a full-time Rehab, student to complete M.S.C., at the same time acting as tutorial lecturer in chemistry.

He was a member of the 1947 retiring Exec. and Business Manager for Spike 1947-48. He is a past or present active member of several clubs, including Rugby Football, Dramatic, Photographic, Tramping—Chief Guide 1940, vice-chairman 1941, Vice-President 1946-47, Secretary 1948. Chemical Society committee member 1948, Extrav. props 1938-39-48. cast 1946-48.

Policy: "If we (the university) have any worthwhile contribution to make towards the progress of our community, and I claim we have, it is essential that we realize our responsibility to the community and the community realize their responsibility to the university. To this end I support a broad, libera! policy with regard to all College activities, and the formation of a more understanding relationship between Victoria College and the larger community."

Tom Heath

Tom Heath has been to Victoria College on a full-time Rehab, bursary during 1946-47 and is now in his first year at Training College. He is a returned serviceman and hopes to complete his B.A. this year. He played Rugby for Varsity in 1946 and 1947. He has appeared in Extrav. in 1947 and 1948 and will be remembered for his role as Quid Dollarland in this year's show. He is on the Committee of the Training College Drama Club.

Returned soldiers' interests in University affairs have been a matter of interest to him as have student matters generally. Tom is very interested in rearing a stately students' Union Building in the shortest possible time, confident that our grandchildren will have better facilities than their progenitors. He is very [unclear: much in favour of closer co-oper-]tion with overseas student bodies, particularly those in Australia, whose problems must be ours in the essentials.

Vance Henderson

Vance Henderson is a final year law student, a member of the present Executive. He enrolled first at V.U.C. in 1938, spent four years in the armed forces, returning to V.U.C. in 1946, now on a full-time Rehabilitation bursary. Ex-resident of Weir House, ex-member Social Committee, ex-Secretary Rowing Club, ex-Captain Social Team football, participated in many pre-war haka parties; now President Defence Rifle Club, N.Z.U. Blue in shooting, twice V.U.C. Blue, Gymnasium Controller, appointed Junior Tournament Delegate for Winter Tournament 1948. Interested in the competing in, winning of and administration of Tournaments, the new Student Union Building, cafeteria, Extras. and all student affairs. Believes in the running of student affairs in a sane, expeditious and business-like manner for the benefit of all students as a whole.

Cathel MacLeod

Cathel MacLeod is a fourth year student completing B.Sc. this year. He has been a prominent member of several sporting clubs both in administration and as a player. In the Rugby Football Club he played in the 1st XV in 1945-46 and in the 2nd XV last year, and has been a committee member for the past three years. In the Cricket Club he is deputy club captain, and captain for the 2nd XI. He has also represented Victoria at several Tournaments at cricket and boxing. He is the present Secretary of the Executive.

He intends to give his fullest support to the sporting clubs and to encourage all undergraduates to play for the university clubs which are the chief instruments in fostering the community aspect of university life. As for general policy he is opposed to any outside influence in college affairs, but otherwise considers that specific statements as to objectives are hardly possible.

Oscar Melling

Oscar Melting, a returned soldier and a graduate in Arts is doing Dip. Ed. as a part-time student this year. On the Cafeteria Committee 1943-44; on Exec. as Assistant Treasurer 1947 and as Assistant Secretary, June, 1947-April, 1948; N.Z.U.S.A. delegate 1947; Gym controller from June, 1947 to April, 1948; on Salient staff 1947-48; in Extrav. 1947 and in Extrav. props 1948; committee member Socialist Club 1947-48; delegate to N.Z. Student Labour Federation Conference, 1948.

Oscar believes that the Building Fund Appeal is of the utmost importance at the present time. Most of our difficulties in the Caf and the Gym cannot be solved properly until the new Student Association Building is a reality. He is keen to see a better provision of bursaries, particularly for,-full-time students. He urges all students to support fully the N.Z.U. Congress next January and to give their co-operation to the organizers of the Jubilee, celebrations.

Jim Milburn

Jim Milburn. aged 23, returned soldier, fresher 1941, T.C. 1942 and T.C. again 1946. Committee experience T.C. included secretary ship of Debating and Drama Clubs and active experience on "Student Opinion."

Graduated B.A. in Political Science 1946. and is at present studying in the Law Faculty. His chief interest at V.U.C. has been Debating member of the Debating Committee, 1947-48. winner of the Plunket Medal 1947 and runner-up of Union Prize. Other activities include Rugby and Extrav.

A member Men's committee elected at [unclear: the] Special [unclear: Elections], is a member of the Student Appeal Committee and "liquor" committee.

Immediate aims—to raise the standard of all V.U.C. social functions—in particular college '"hops." and to interest students in Building Appeal. Would support all measures designed to improve student/citizen relations and is a firm believer in student participation in college government, in particular sees the need for student voice in the arrangement of courses [unclear: and academic regulations.]

Pip Piper

Pip is a third year Science (chemistry) student after spending three years in the R.N.Z.A.F. He is at present a resident of Weir House." Secretary Men's Basketball Club 1947, Vice-Captain Swimimng Club 1947-48, Vice-President Women's Indoor Basketball Club 1948, Secretary N.Z.U. Swimming Council 1948-49 and Easter and Winter Tournament Delegate 1948. V.U.C. Blue in basketball and swimming.

He is very interested in promoting sport in all its phases, realizing this helps to keep Victoria more compact and united. Wants more co-operation with N.Z.U.S.A. towards forming a strong university opinion in New Zealand. Last but not least advocates getting more tangible support for the new Students' Building, which when completed will do more than anything else to make Victoria a university.

Chris Pottinger

At present doing 2nd year at full-time Arts course. Takes an active interest in Drama, Debating and Rugby clubs. Member of the Procesh committee for this year. He has no political affiliations.

Although only in my second year, I believe that there should be a younger representation on the Exec. At present, there is no-one who can air the point of view and the grievances of freshers and second year students. There should be a greater and wider dissemination of information about such activities as the Building Fund Appeal and the Jubilee celebrations for 1949. To make these projects more widely known, there should be open forums, and discussions in which all students could offer criticism and bring forth new ideas. The students as a whole must take a more active interest in the college and the various clubs. Apathy on the part of the many will lead to slackness and degeneration.

Len Samuj

Len Samuj is a third year law student. He is a member of the Debating Society. In 1946 he won the New Speaker's Prize and last year was second in the Plunket Medal Contest. For the past three years he has contributed to Salient under the pen-name of Omar Hjumas. He is also a member of the Political Science Club.

Policy: Setting up a publication branch for promoting literature and culture by publishing student work. Mixed Common Room serving refreshments throughout the winter term. Formation of a branch of the United Nations Association (as at Otago University) at the Varsity to study current international problems by presentation of papers. A weekly Salient is desirable encouraging literature and student opinion. Lastly, the ending of political feuds and participation in those avenues which are of no real interest to the university.

Jeff Stewart

Fifth year student at V.U.C. is studying for a Music Degree. He has taken an active part in Extravs. since 1944 having acted in every show since. He wrote the original music for Utopanella and this year was coauthor and producer of Vot-thu-halla. He has played cricket, hockey and table tennis for V.U.C.

He thinks that students should be encouraged to take a more active part in student affairs and that there should be more inter-club co-operation. Only in this way can the proper social life of the Varsity be developed. He wants the Building Fund given more support as this would give the Varsity all the facilities which it at present lacks. It would also give the Varsity a chance to develop some life outside lecture rooms. He advocates greater activity on the part of the various clubs so that V.U.C. may one day win the Tournament Shield in-stead of the tenacious wooden spoon.

Polling Times

9 a.m., 12 noon, 1, 4, 6, 6, 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Monday, June 24, 25, and 28

Published every third week by Victoria University College Students' Association and printed by Universal Printing Products Ltd., 22 Blair St., Wellington.