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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 7. June 23rd, 1948

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents

Marget McKenazie

Marget is an English Honours student, member of the 1947-8 Executives and Women's Vice-President since April. Has taken an active interest in various College activities, the S.C.M. Executive (1945-6. 1946-71. Swimming, Drama. Social. Billeting (Winter Tournament 1947) and Cappicade Committees. Swimming rep. at Easter Tournaments 1946 and 1947. and Junior Delegate to N.Z.U. Council. Easter, 1948. At present a member of the Students' Fund Raising Committee (Building Appeal) and Congress Publicity Officer for V.U.C. and so is taking an interest in two major College projects.

Experience as an Exec. member and as N.Z.U. delegate has proved that some projects are at present impractical, but Marget will work for student welfare in every sphere. Specific activities which interest her are the improvement of all student facilities, the promotion of the Building Appeal and of N.Z.U. Congress, vacation employment scheme and interchange of New Zealand and Australian students whenever practical. Her primary aim however, is to stimulate students to a greater awareness of their responsibilities as members of the Stud. Ass. She is convinced that students of V.U.C. must gain the fullest respect of other colleges and of the community before their interests can be best advanced.

Jean Melling

Jean, an Arts student, was a member of the Executive 1945-47, and was Corresponding Member to N.Z.U.S.A. 1945-46. She has been a committee member of the Tramping. Miniature Rifles and Hockey Clubs and is on the Debating Committee for the fourth time—this year as secretary. Jean has been Cafeteria Controller since March, 1947, Capping Ball Controller 1946-7-8, and Acting-Editor of Salient since April. She was coauthor and assistant producer of this year's Extrav., was responsible for the collection for the U.N. Children's Appeal at the Opera House, and was largely responsible for the organization of the Napier trip. A keen hockey player, Jean captained the Senior Reserve team last year.

Jean is keen to push ahead the plans to raise money for the new Student Association Building in order to provide adequate cafeteria and other facilities for students as soon as possible, and is emphatic that it is a student responsibility to help raise the funds. She was responsible for the initial action in the Medical Scheme which was approved by [unclear: a] general meeting of the Association last year. She is particularly keen to see the Health Scheme become a permanent feature of student life.

Jim Battersby

(Elected Unopposed.)

Vice-President of the present Exec, and member of all Execs. since last June, Jim is an old boy of Wellington College, fourth year at V.U.C. completing B.A. this year. Last Winter Tournament, as V.U.C. Junior Delegate. Jim was secretary of both the local and N.Z.U. Tournament Committees. Other activities include chairman of I.S.S.; Treasurer of S.C.M. 1946, 1947 and President 1948; member 1946, 1947 of Rugby 1st XV, the Athletic Club, and Debating Society. At Easter. Jim lead the V.U.C. delegation to N.Z.U.S.A. Council.

Statement of Policy

"As stated last election, it seems to me unpractical, because of unforeseen circumstances arising, to state any policy towards specific projects. I feel that all students should be encouraged to enter wholeheartedly into the Student Union Building funds raising campaign among Association members. I would stress that I consider freedom in the university obliges students to participate in college activities; and I am opposed to any outside interference whatsoever in college affairs. If I am elected to office. I intend to act as I have tried to in the past, as a Christian student, assessing necessary action on any question by what I feel is in the interests of the student body as a whole."