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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 7. June 23rd, 1948

Some Suggestions

Some Suggestions

One club member was most insistent on the removal of the means test from the scheme. He claimed that many wealthier parents do not want to give a university education to their children. Bursaries should be universally available, to create an economic independence from parents of this type. Mr. Dowrick replied that any government would niggle at an all-embracing scheme with no limits and that a means test would probably be necessary to get government approval.

Another member suggested the addition of demands for transport concessions for students, and the extension of family benefits for students up to 21, but these were dropped in favour of concentration on a single object.

Finally a resolution took shape.

Moved by Mr. A. McLeod, and seconded by Mr. O. Melting:

"That this meeting of the V.U.C. Socialist Club approve the principle of the N.Z.S.L.F's. National Bursary Scheme, while maintaining reservation on details, and recommends the N.Z.S.L F. Executive to publicize the scheme." The motion was carried unanimously.

It was then decided that the executives of the Socialist Club and the federation together should carry out further research for the purpose of finalizing the scheme, taking into account the suggested amendments put forward at the meeting. A motion to this effect was carried.

In the meantime, copies of the draft proposals have been sent to the other constituent clubs of N.Z.S.L.F., so that they can chew it over in the same way as we have done. The executive of the Socialist Club hopes that the scheme will be discussed at a general meeting of the association sometime this year. If it is to succeed, the support of every student will be required.