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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 4. April 7th, 1948

Our Critics Again

Our Critics Again

Dear Sir,—An editorial mention, a little bracket with Ed. enclosed and almost a column of explanation as the result of one letter . . . such generosity!

Humbled by such attention, chastened by rebukes and amazed at both the inferences and the irrationality of the progressive circle's explanation, I once more lift my Sectionally Opinionated pen to suggest that our Editor doth protest too much.

The progressive circle's habit of using emotive and damning phrases has entered the editorial to create Demon Student Opinion who is at once "loud mouthed and crafty." (Not to be confused with "Biassed" Opinions which according to the Editor are never never loud mouthed or crafty.) It may be that there are opinions which have no sectional feelings behind them in which case their expression is left either to the very individually minded or the few. So it seems to me; but not to the Editor who makes me, temporarily, an agent of Demon Sectional Opinion.

But Mr. Editor where are the accusations I cannot meet, the truculent body of shackling censors? Point out if you please my unmet accusations. My censors you can ignore for they have a bias towards thinking that most students have the power of reason and are able to censor Salient effectively for themselves.

Before you jump to editorial conclusions which are much more rash since they are so public, sit down and consider the noose which my "truculent body of censors" eye with anticipation.

F. M.

I should like to point out the following in my own defence.

(1)I did not say that "Demon Student Opinion" is loud-mouthed and crafty. I said that Sectional Opnion which usually speaks in the name of Truth or Student Opinion is more loud-mouthed and crafty than those two latter members of the "lynching bee."
(2)I did not say, nor have inferred that "Biassed" Opinions of Salient contributors are never loud-mouthed or crafty. They have been in the past and will often be so in the future.
(3)The diatribe against Salient's anonymous critics was not directed against such people as F.M. and his third paragraph is thus irrelevant.

We welcome written criticism, because if the writer twists the meaning of an article in order to abuse it, he may be corrected, just as I may be corrected for writing ambiguous editorials.—Ed.