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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 12. August 20, 1947

Who'll do it This Time?

Who'll do it This Time?

Victoria Expects…

From the north and from the deepest and darkest part of the South, a determined band of warriors, armed with swords, hockey sticks, balls and beer bottles, will pour into Wellington for the annual upheaval—Winter Tournament.

After skirmishes on the various playing fields with the local yokels, and a final paroxysm in the form of Tournament Ball, the visiting stalwarts, vanquished or victorious, will retire to their respective Alma Maters, leaving Victoria to slip back into furious swot. But before then, Victoria students in their capacity as hosts, will do their utmost to make Tournament as heroic and hard-fought on the field, and as flambuoyant and flirtatious off it, as it always is.

An enormous number of controllers and committees are vying with each other in the efficiency of their organisation. Political differences have been completely submerged for the duration—VUC will present a popular front to the aggressors, in an all out drive to rid itself of a Wooden Spoon or so, and to explode the myth of the inhospitality of the capital city.

To the Visitors

The city of windy spasms may be unfamiliar to some of you. When you get over your shock on discovering that most of it is built on slopes of more than forty-five degrees, you will find that it is even easier to get lost here than in your home town. If this is to be your plight, wayward pilgrim, do not despair. Even in the wildernesses of Lyall Bay or Waddington you may be able to find someone who can understand English. If that fails, just ring 40-726 and a sweet feminine voice will give you directions on how to find almost anything you might be looking for.

We have made up your minds for you that you are going to enjoy your week in Wellington, and we sincerely wish to get to know you, as fellow students as well as as sportsmen. We wish you success in your sports, and above all, an enjoyable holiday.


We are not publishing the full Tournament programme here, as the official programme will be available shortly. This publication, which can be procured by non-competitors for a small sum, is being compiled by B. M. Blundell.


A raid on the Women's Common Room has brought forth the services of a number of personable young women who, with some male support, will be on duty daily in the Exec. Room from 9 till 6 to answer the queries of everybody about everything. There is a rumour that there may even be a matrimonial agency for partners for Tournament Ball.


Some evenings will be occupied with sporting functions, others by Joynt Scroll Debating, Bledisloe Medal Oratory, and the Drama Contest. This still leaves time for various rendezvous. Tuesday night will see the official welcome, on Thursday and Saturday there will be dances in the Gym., on Friday in the Palm Grove Ballroom in Kent Terrace, and on Sunday a Tea Dance in the Gym., followed by a film evening in the city. Monday, September 1st is a must for everyone when the Tournament Ball will be held in the Training College Hall.

Those included in the Victoria Harrier Team are (reading from Left): Peter Whittle, John Holden, Clem Hawke (Capt.), John Hunt, Alistair Hall, John Eccles.

Those included in the Victoria Harrier Team are (reading from Left): Peter Whittle, John Holden, Clem Hawke (Capt.), John Hunt, Alistair Hall, John Eccles.


Inaugurating its obligatory halt-yearly meeting, NZUSA will hold a Conference during Tournament. At the moment there does not appear to be the usual crop of contentious motions, but we imagine that VUC's remit advocating a Student Congress during the summer vacation will provoke a good deal of argument.

VUC Prospects

The Harrier Club had a very successful season and as a result of the experience gained by its members, has confidence in them as representatives of VUC in Tournament. Those participating are:

Clem Hawke: Third in the Provincial Champs, did an excellent first lap in the Wellington Masterton Relay, took third place in the Dannevirke Rally. He is one of the most stylish runners in the country and should do well on the home course.

John Eccles: He has beaten Hawke once this year—in the Dannevirke Rally. He is a great fence Jumper and sprinter.

John Hunt: He is running against his brother Bob, an established Otago runner. He should do well if his wind trouble is cleared up.

John Goodwin, Alistair Hall, and John Mawson, are promising younger runners who have performed very well this year.


VUC has some chance of success at golf with the following players: D. H. Graham and J. D. Nash on par, who figure prominently in Hutt play. R. F. Mackie on 3, A. W. Middleton on 4, A. S. Paterson on 6, and P. J. Kincaid on 7.


VUC will be represented in the Joynt Scroll Debating Contest by Frank O'Flynn and Kevin O'Brien, two of the Debating Society's most competent and experienced speakers. They have drawn the affirmative against Lincoln College, the subject selected being: "That the development of secondary industries should be a fundamental aim of this country."

The Bledisloe Medal Oratory Contest, which is held every third year, will take place at the same time as Winter Tournament. Our speakers will be Brendan O'Connor, a former winner of Plunket Medal and runner-up in the last Bledisloe Medal Contest, and Kevin O'Brien, also a winner of Plunket. The subject must relate to New Zealand.


Last Drama Tournament, as far as we can remember, was about 1941. It is not easy to transport a play 500 miles, and there is a possibility that not all colleges will compete.

VUC is producing "No Count Boy." which is a good play with a negro setting and relies on competent character acting and careful production. To produce it in the small time available is a rather ambitious undertaking, especially as the play requires a studied negro dialect.

Perhaps next year all colleges will plan their activities to allow for more time and thought for production. The main thing this year is to get the Festival hack on its feet.

Table Tennis

This year's team is a fairly strong one. The captain, K. Wood, is a forceful attacking player, while Bill Greenless is a ex-Wairarapa rep. The doubles combination will be Brian Phillipps and Trev. Levy, The two girls selected, Joan Robbins and Phyllis Levita are playing their first season of competitive table tennis.

Ski Tournament is not an official part of Winter Tournament yet, but as the number of colleges competing has grown to four (OU, CUC, CAC. and VUC)), the way is now open for it to be officially included in 1948, especially as NZUSA has approved of the award of Blues in ski-ing.

The original apparent dearth of ski talent has given way to what we consider a team of reasonable capabilities. The contest will be held during the first week of the vacation at Queens-town, with OU acting as hosts. Victoria's team consists of four men and two women, all of whom are timed once over a downhill course and twice over a Slalom (a zigzag to the uninitiated).

Victoria's team consists of: Women, Pat Bates, an accomplished skier from Massey; Margaret Salmond, another pinch, a final year med, from Otago. Men, Roy McKenzie, who performed very creditably at last year's National Champs; Jack McDonald (captain), rapidly recovering pre-war form; Malcolm Mace, who began ski-ing at the age of ten; and Bruce Milburn, who will try anything once.