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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 7. June 11, 1947

Possible Reaction?

Possible Reaction?

This suspension is serious. It has completely disrupted a programme schedule planned two years ahead. If the objections were tenable, this would not matter two hoots. The inferior substitute programme is like a dishrag in a leaky bucket, but it could hardly be expected that the NBS can produce a satisfactory substitute on such peremptory notice. The suspension means, in some cases, that teachers' schemes for the whole year will have to be scrapped.

Since no teachers have complained to Miss Combs or to her staff during the seven months since the first notification in the "Education Gazette" and since, on the contrary, some teachers have expressed their appreciation of "How Things Began," it is reasonable to assume that it has proved suitable in practice. The series as produced in New Zealand was excellently recorded by a competent cast. The children liked it and as far as it had progressed it had proved a successful stimulant in the hands of an efficient teacher. Children aren't interested in arguments about evolution; they find the story of their earth and its various changes throughout the ages both intriguing and exciting. It was especially so when the observer was forced to Jump smartly from very B.C. to present A.D. because of some rather too attentive cretaceous reptile.

The aeries has been suspended; but there are bound to be reactions. We hope in particular that the NZEI, the largest teachers' organisation, will register an emphatic protest and that the New Education Fellowship will act likewise. We also expect some action from student teachers, but most of all we expect action from the Minister in charge of Broadcasting, who should give a public explanation and justificaron of this suspension.

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