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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 12. September 25, 1946



Visitors were then admitted onto the platform.

"The only thing apparent about the negative was that they were speaking against the motion." said Mr. Griffin. "Labour policy is to the disadvantage of vested interests."

Said Mr. Pointon: "I have not yet had a chance to vote Labour..." (Whispers) "hut I've read some of their pamphlets" (Louder whispers). "Planning seems to appeal to them." ("Oh! You prefer a little bit of chaos!" "The original Archie!" etc.)

Mr. Arlow: "Now boys, will you all look at the girls' legs? Right? Now, are they wearing stockings?" (Higgin: "Yes! And all the way up, too!") "Girls, are the boys wearing shirts?" (Rude remark from Mr. Wachsner.) The idea of this sartorial investigation was to convince the audience that they were stark naked. If they were to become clothed before 1950 they would have to vote National. "Who owns the mines? Paddy Webb! Who owns the Canterbury racecourse? Paddy Webb! And who owns the Empire Pub? (Audience: "Paddy Webb!").

"The Government is feathering its own nest. We boys and girls..." (Screams from the back.) Mr. Taylor (chairman): "I must remind that lady that this is not a beer garden."

In summing up both leading speakers contradicted everything that each other and everyone else had previously said. A show of hands indicated that the audience was overwhelmingly in favour of the motion.

It was announced that the Union Prize for the year had been awarded to Mr. Collins and the New Speaker's Prize to Mr. Samuj.