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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 3 March 28, 1945

A Sporting Chance

A Sporting Chance

We present here lists of competitors in all events except the Drinking Horn, together with some ill-chosen remarks about form and prospects in each case. At the time of printing very little information is available about the teams from the other colleges, but we are confident that it will not be an unequal contest in any sport.

At some long-forgotten Tournament, Victoria, blown with pride, presented a wooden spoon as booby prize. The results of this rash action have been a bitter blow. The Spoon proved to be a boomerang and returned with depressing regularity. True, we have had occasional bursts of brilliance, for we won the Tournament Shield in 1938, but after that relapsed into mediocrity. This year, however, even though we may fail to capture the Shield we are optimistic about keeping our Main Hall free from kitchen utensils.


With some months of hard practice behiad it the tennis team is now-showing a high standard in all divisions. VUC players are also used to "Windy Tennis," a Welliagton specialty, which gives them a preliminary advantage. The team is as follows:—

Men's Singles:

Mr. B. M. O'Conuor is a good allrounder, experienced in courtcraft. His service resembles that of Fred Perry and when on top of his form he ranks comfortably in the top flight of Wellington players.

Mr. W. K. Smiler has a diversity of technique and a match temperament that stand him in good stead. He specialises in deceptively short volleys and has a strong backhand that is difficult to return.

Ladies' Singles:

Miss Nancy Turner has had some success recently in Interclub matches, which seems to indicate that she is in good form this year.

Miss Joyce Strange shows a confident style, places effectively and has the right temperament for match play.

Man's Doubles:

Mr. B. O'Connor and Mr. W. Smiler combine well, sustain a fast pace and play a vigorous all-court game.

Mr. D. Goodwin and Mr. P. MrKenzie are a younger pair but make an energetic combination. McKenzie's left hand service is a valuable asset.

Women's Doubles:

Misses Nancy and Rae Turner have the advantage of having played together for some time. Both have a pretty style though Rae could improve the effectiveness of her strokes by displaying a little more confidence.

Misses Joyce Strange and Avis Reed play an efficient double, combining virtuosity with steady play.

Mixed Doubles:

Mr. A. M. MacLeod and Miss Jean Miller are a formidable combination. Alastair has the advantage of height and physique and his improved style and hard hitting, plus Jean's ability to attack freely and her smart ground shots, will make their games a highlight in this sport.

Mr. G. Stacey and Margaret Beattie play a strong aggressive game. George has a hard service and some nifty shots, while Margaret sends some powerful drives, although she sometimes takes a few games to get on to form.


The Rowing Club has undergone an amazing resurrection in the last six months and is now in a position to make a reasonably good showing at Easter.

Stroking the crew is Enoka Macdonald, whose years of experience in this seat should be a great asset to the crew.

One of the Star Boating Club's senior four, George Cornick, is using his style to good advantage as number seven, where his driving power will be of most use.

Dennis Hartley, a novice, is rowing in sixth seat, and judging on his present form, should acquit himself very well.

Number five is Bill Osten, of Star's youths' fours, and one of the crew which won the President's Fours at that club.

Another novice showing good form is Gill Marryatt, whose weight should tell in his position, number four.

Prominent all round sport Ewen Drummond occupies number three, and his rowing experience at Otago and Wanganui will be an important factor in keeping the bow in good order.

Number two seat is well filled by the promising oar of Noel Brown. Rowing bow is Geoff Ward, who has held this seat in several Star crews. On the judgment and sure eye of cox Jack Barr may hang the balance of defeat or victory for VUC.

The time is 2.30 p.m. on Saturday and an early announcement will be made about the course, whether Korokoro' or Oriental Bay.

Tournament Ball

St. Francis Hall, Hill St., is the place, Tuesday, April 2, at 9 p.m. is the time. The culmination of all Tournament activities and the brightest Ball in years.

Visiting representatives free.

VUC students, 15/- double.

Tickets at Information Bureau, Exec. Room.


The following team has been chosen to represent Victoria at the Tournament:—
  • Ladles: O. Eichelbaum, M. Marwiok, P. Cummins, P. Gardiner.
  • Men: K. Staples, G. Bogle, D. Kerr, R. Denton, J. Nicholls.

Cath Eichelbaum will be competing against the present NZU champion and N2 record holder, Marie Pasalich, AUC, in the 100 yards breaststroke event. Owing to medical reasons Cath has not been able to do a great deal of competitive swimming this season but she is nevertheless expected to turn in a good performance.

Marion Warwick and Pat Cummins are Victoria's representatives in the ladles' 50 yards freestyle, and the College should do well in this event. Pat is also accompanying Pat Gardiner (now at Otago) over the 100 yards, and both girls are expected to perform creditably. Pat Gardiner is the Victoria representative in the 200 yards backstroke, which is being held for the first time this Easter.

Of the men, Ken Staples, Doug Kerr and Dick Denton (of Massey) are the freestyle representatives. Dick is swimming in both the 100 and 220, and although he may find the Thorn-don water slow his times indicate that he will overcome that difficulty. Doug Kerr is concentrating on the 220, while Staples is the 440 representative. Both are swimming consistently and have the necessary stamina for these distances.

The ubiquitous Bogle is Victoria's man in the backstroke and can be expected to swim in his usual efficient manner. Johnny Nicholls, the well-known hockey player, is the 220 yards breaststroke competitor. He is now at Massey and his times there indicate that he is in good form.

Altogether the team is a well-balanced one which is expected to turn on one or two surprises.


Last year it was decided that the University Shooting Club should be re-founded in miniature rifles. With this in view Stan Campbell was on the job early in the year and on the 8th the first meeting was held and a provisional committee elected.

We have had two range practices at the Wellington Boys' College and their help is being much appreciated. The first shoot was for the selection of a Tournament team. Results leave little to be asked for, and a good team has been selected for the Tournament. Geoff Streeter, Jim Lambourne, H. E. Hutchings, Gib. Bogle and John Ziman are putting up a good showing and we have high hopes.

The Tournament is to be held on a 100-yard range by courtesy of the combined Ngato-Onslow Miniature Rifle Club and is to be run under NZMRC regulations.

We can only pray for fair weather, no wind and an absence of the usual fogginess of vision which follows nights of Tournament dissipation.

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Particularly strong in some events, the VUC athletic team is showing good form generally—the content will certainly not be dull.

T. H. Benjamin (100 yds.) just missed representing Wellington in the NZ Junior Championships and should show up well.

J. F. Goldfinch and A. H. E. Munden. the former in the 220 and 440, and the latter in the 440, are both strong sprinters with little to choose between them. Munden won the Wellington Provincial 440 title, but Goldfinch has edged him in two races since and was third in the National 440.

Ian McDowall, VUC club captain, who finished fifth in the 880 National Championship, is getting into good form and has developed a beautiful finish. Accompanying him in in the mile is Dicky Daniell, veteran college runner.

Versatile Ewen Drummond has been allocated five events—120 and 220 hurdles, the pole vault, and the broad and high jumps. He is Provincial Champion in the first two.

Dave Tossman, old man of the club, looks like a winner in the 440 hurdles, holding the Provincial title for that event.

Gib Bogle is accompanying Toss-man and Drummond in the hurdles, but has not shown last season's form. He held the Provincial 440 hurdles title until it passed to Tossman.

Lone representative in the mile walk is C. L. Henderson, and with a little training he should do well.

With his long legs, Ash Cooper will be prominent in the jumps, but it was his first time out last Saturday and he is also in need of training.

Don Beard, Training College surprise man, is our representative for the javelin, and his throw at the inter-fac. meeting went near to National standard.

D. Campbell (100 and 220), D. K. Ower (880), and D. Porter (3 miles), are all Massey College men, and consequently are largely unknown here. Owen is a likely points-winner.

Recently returned from the services is R. Miller, who will also be running in the 3 miles.

Victoria's representatives in the field events are D. Perham, G. Stirling and I. D. Edwards, a returned man whose eligibility at present is doubtful.

A large gathering of support as will be at Athletic Park. See that You are there.

Social Programme

The programme looks like an attempt to ensure that you don't have a moment's sleep from Thursday to Wednesday. Full details will be found in the Official Programme but we draw attention here to the following:—

Thursday, 8 p.m.—
  • Film evening and dance at VUC.
Saturday, 10 p.m.—
  • Rendezvous at VUC.
Sunday, 8 pm.—
  • Film evening. "Wilson," a preview at the Plaza Theatre.
  • Tournament Ball, St. Francis Hall, at 9 p.m.


Team.—Forwards: Dorothy Burke, Margaret Beattie, Kathleen Martin, Shirley Webster. Centres: Maxine Dunne, Barbara Moore, Thea Muir, (Captain), Freda Moore. Defence: Norma Henderson (Vice-captain), Avis Reed, Shirley Roberts, Shirley Cole.

In the practices the team has shown considerable promise, and all are looking forward to the matches with enthusiasm and with no little confidence.

One outstanding feature of the team is the inclusion of five Wellington Representatives. Dot Burke from Training College was a Wellington Rep. last year and a Hawke's Bay Rep. in 1943, in which year she made quite a name for herself in basketball circles with her accurate shooting in the N.Z. Association matches.

Margaret Beattie represented Wellington in 1943, Barbara Moore and Norma Henderson in 1944, and Thea Muir in 1942-43-44.

With this combination VUC should fare much better than last year.


Although there are no outstanding personalities in the Victoria team, it is certainly a side to be reckoned with. Under the vigorous eye and tongue of Billy Hedburn of Koolman's Gym, fitness is the order of the day, and by Eastertime everyone should be in the pink of condition.

As heavyweight we have long limbed H. C. ("Peter") Faulke, who, although new to Varsity boxing, looks formidable enough. A Ian from the country, he should be well toughened to receive any punishment—and to give it.

Colin Gillet, the middleweight, is big and solid, and right at the top of the weight. He is training hard and is rapidly approaching top form.

Brendan O'Connor is well known in Varsity sporting circles and should more than hold his own in the welterweight class.

For the lightweight division, E. T. Watt is a "tough nut" in the true sense of the word. As a Wellington rep, he narrowly missed the decision.

It is in the lighter weights that Victoria mainly shines, and Allan Young is no exception. A feather weight of considerable Varsity boxing experience, he will be very unlucky to lose.

For the bantamweight, Brian Sutton-Smith is a boxer of class. Formerly one of Training College's outstanding boxers, he is a man to be reckoned with.

Robin Oliver, light-heavyweight, is a boxer of so some experience, whose efforts in previous years have already gained him honours in the science.

Easter Monday morning and evening will see all these men in action at the Town Hall. The evening display will be brightened by two professional exhibition spars. Also a spectacular weight-lifting act will be presented by Anton Koolman's Gym.