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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 3 March 28, 1945

Building Plan Approved — Finance Question Deferred

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Building Plan Approved

Finance Question Deferred

The Special General Meeting last Wednesday recommended the draft specifications for the projected Students' Union Building with a few amendments, but failed to reach any decision on the raising of the Stud. Ass. fee. The meeting was poorly attended, the quorum of fifty being barely attained.

Jack Barr, in the chair, explained the procedure of the meeting. He was followed by Dick Daniell, moving that the specifications be adopted. Daniell spoke of the necessity for a suitable building, capable of lasting 250 years complete with a proper theatre with fixed seats, and a large dance hall. "Dancing is the most popular sport in the College," he said. A separate building would house the gymnasium, which could not easily be doubled with the dance hall or theatre.

Stan Campbell, seconding the motion, praised the Exec, for bringing forward these proposals, and discussed the Concourse, Cafeteria and Committee Rooms. "We must work for the future and be progressive," he said in closing. After some further explanations by the chairman the meeting was thrown open for discussion.

Building Discussed

Mr. Blakie demanded that we should not limit future Execs, by definite plans. Mr. Connell said that this would only lead to deferring the issue. Pat Macaskill pointed out that here was an opportunity for the students to express their requirements to the building committee.

Several speakers then put in a plea for a raked floor in the theatre. "There is not a single decently equipped theatre in Wellington," said Dennis Hartley. The Cafeteria was generally approved after an assurance by Jack Barr that the best architectural opinion would be consulted. The committee rooms were subject to comment by Dick Jackson on sound-proofing, and by Bernie Swedlund and Jack Williams on the grounds of size.

Mr. Blakie then repeated his earlier plea about committing future generations, to which Dennis Hartley replied strongly, pointing out that such an attitude was a bar to progress. Jim Witten-Hannah moved two amendments, the first of which was ruled out of order, and the second: "That in approving the draft specifications the meeting does not necessarily commit itself to taking immediate action in building," was, after some discussion, lost.

Minor Amendments

Dick Jackson moved that the building be strong enough to hold an additional storey if necessary. Some confusion arose when Bernie Swedlund wished this changed to "That provision for extensions be made." The amended amendment was finally passed. A motion by Ned Taylor to close discussion was first passed, then rescinded when Gib Bogle said that he wanted to make a further amendment. This was to provide facilities in the Caf. for 200 sitting at supper at dances, with direct access to the dance floor. Dorian Saker created a diversion by suggesting that supper was superfluous at dances, anyway. This and an amendment by Jack Williams to increase the size of the dance hall by 1,000 sq. ft. were carried.

After a short reply by Dick Daniell, the motion approving the amended specifications was carried, unanimously

Finance Position Outlined

Meeting Finally Dissolved

The meeting then proceeded to deal with the second motion. Ian McDowall gave a sketch of the financial position, pointing out that the fee charged at VUC was less than in the other colleges, and yet entitled one to free membership of all clubs. The 4/- of the 7/6 to be allocated to the building fund would mean £250 a year, and the extra shilling for administration was a very moderate demand. Gib Bogle, seconding the motion, discussed the 2/6 to be devoted to the medical scheme, which might in future be made compulsory.

Kevan O'Brien questioned the validity of an increase under the stabilisation regulations. He compared the position with that of the Exam. Fees. The inevitable Blakie voiced a strong objection against compulsion in any form ("Who do the Exec, think they are, anyway?!") and suggested that collections for the building fund be made at club meetings. Dennis Hartley did not like the idea of compulsory medical examinations and moved that the question of levying an extra 7/6 be put at a special general meeting of all students at the beginning of each year. Pat Macaskill replied that the medical scheme could only be made compulsory by the Council. "There are a number of bogies being raised," he said. As Exec, duties increased, costs must rise. Ian McDowall remarked that VUC is the only college without a full time Stud. Ass. assistant and Daisy Filmer pointed out that the medical scheme could not continue unless it were assured of finance. Stan Campbell wished to move as an amendment to the amendment that the question be put on the ballot paper at the elections, but this was ruled out of order as negativing the amendment. After some rather disorganised discussion Bernie Swedlund moved that the amendment be put. It now read: "That the motion be put at the general elections this year." It was lost on the division.

Dorian Saker had hard words to say on the theme that the question of dividing the 7/6 had been "sprung on the meeting." It was not right that. 50 people should dictate to 1,500. More discussion followed until Laurie Starke moved: "That this meeting adjourn to give further publicity to the raising of the Stud. Ass. fees." This motion was carried by a large majority.

Maths and Physics

A large gathering was present last Thursday at the first meeting of the Maths and Physics Society for the election of officers and to hear Dr. J. T. Campbell, who spoke on "Physical Problems and Mathematical Models."