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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 3 March 28, 1945

Exec. Meets Full Agenda

Exec. Meets Full Agenda

The Executive held their second meeting of 1945 on March 15. Of prime consideration was the proposed student building, but all decisions depended on the special meeting held the next week. The balance of the cerebration was spent on appointments and proposals for this year's medical scheme.

Before proceeding it was necessary to fill the vacant seats left by Max Eichelbaum and John Walton. Joan Sim and Maurice Twoomey were accordingly nominated. Also assigned to duties, it was reported, is a liaison officer with T.C.

The club agenda embodied a request for affiliation from the Miniature Rifle Club, which was granted. Permission was also accorded the Drama Club to present their latest play, "Ways and Means," at Trentham.

Included in the 1945 list of ordainment, Margaret Hogben was delegated General Editor of "Spike," with Dave Cohen as College Editor. Mr. Peter Munz becomes editor of "Rostrum." Convener of the Social Committee is Vivienne Rich with Gib Bogle as secretary, Gwen McDowall, Margaret Anderson, Guy Evans, Piers Abraham, and Bob Barraclough as committee. Appointed controller of the Under-grads' Supper, May 2, Margaret Anderson has as assistants Margaret Beattie, Joan Sim and Jack Barr.

Finally resolved were three points on this year's medical scheme:—
1.The scheme is to be compulsory with right of appeal.
2.The Council is to be approached for a £1 for £1 grant to pay expenses of doctors' honorarium, amounting to £300 per year. With 1.200 students the 2/6 increase on the Stud. Ass. fee would just half cover [unclear: e] students' share.
3.The Council is to be asked to buy an army hut as soon as possible for the use of the scheme.