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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 1. Friday, March, 2, 1945

Return of the Conquered

Return of the Conquered

The next step was the setting up of a Regency Council under Archbishop Damaskinos and General Plastiras. Memories of the latter are not pleasant. Some twelve years ago Plastiras was set up as the strong man of the Greek ruling class and enjoyed a brief period as premier. His verbal cannonades against the left-wing and democratic forces in general led to his swift retreat to an Aegean island. Our daily press makes a virtue of Plastira's return to his country after twelve years of exile. But why in exile? Only because the atmosphere in Greece was not healthy for a would-be dictator who had tried and failed.

And now, unsatisfied with distorted lies about the Greek Liberation Movement, Sir Walter Citrine, ever willing to do the dirty work of the most reactionary elements in Britain, has returned from Greece with frightful atrocities stories concerning this handful of bandits—the Greek People. These stories savour of the exposed German stories concerning the alleged Russian murder of Polish officers. Sir Walter saw the corpses exhumed, but not burled. It is interesting to note, as far back as December, the serious charges of atrocities made by the radio of the Liberation Movement against General Scobie's forces. These are reported to have handed prisoners to the Greek Mountain Brigade (commanded by Quisling Col. Tsakalatos) in whose hands they suffered torture and death. The parallel is rather interesting. After these blots on our history it is heartening to see signs of solution of the deadlock. A satisfactory settling is only to be achieved through the free election of statesmen holding the confidence of the whole people, particularly of those who have proved their patriotism in the mountains.

Let us be prophetic. The free elections which are promised for the near future will demonstrate beyond doubt that far from being a "gang of ruffians and terrorists" the National Liberation Movement of Greece (Eam) is The Gkeek People


(Attention is drawn to an article, on Greece in our issue of August 9, 1944.)