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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 1. Friday, March, 2, 1945

Exec. Will Ask Students to Raise — Stud. Ass. Fees for Building Fund

Exec. Will Ask Students to Raise

Stud. Ass. Fees for Building Fund

Recently announced by the Executive, a Special General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21. Its purpose: to promote speedier action for the proposed Students' Union Building.

Motions will be put forward by the Exec. asking for further finance from students and for coherent student opinion on the requirements of the new building.

A special meeting of the Students' Association is called very rarely: the matters to be discussed are always of considerable importance. Two have been called since the beginning of the war; in 1941 a vote of no-confidence in the Exec. following the banning of certain material in "Spike," was moved and defeated, while last year a special meeting approved of Exec. plans for the formation of our college health scheme. Commendable initiative has been shown in this proposal to place detailed recommendations on the new building before the student body.

The present Students' Association building was opened in 1909. A very few years later the Executive decided that as a Student Union Building it cut very little ice, and prepared plans for a future and more ambitious block. The Building Fund was started, to be administered by two trustees appointed yearly by the Exec. and with a permanent allocation of four shillings from each Stud. Ass. fee.

Two Motions

In this year of our Lord, 1945, the new building is in sight. Two things can expedite its commencement: a swifter enlargement of the fund, and a concrete decision on the amenities which the block is to provide. The Special General Meeting will be asked to vote upon two motions presented by representatives of the Exec.

That the Stud. Ass. fee be raised to 32/6 per annum, the increased revenue to be devoted to the Building Fund.

Moved by Mr. McDowall, seconded by Mr. Bogle.

The present fee is twenty-five shillings. This increase will allow eleven and sixpence per student per year to the Building Fund.

That the specifications for the new building be as set out below.

Moved by Mr. Darnell, seconded by Mr. Campbell. Discussion and voting to be taken clause by clause.

The new building can be in our time, If we Work for it. This meeting is only the beginning. Later in the year the Exec. hopes to inaugurate a full-scale finance drive. If the mooted procession becomes a reality, all profits from this year's Extrav, will go to the Building Fund. Into this, as into all other methods of raising finance, the full weight of student effort must be flung. This is felt to be one of the most important general meetings in the history of the Association and an attendance of at least five hundred is thought possible. The place, our present Student Union Building, i.e., the Gym. The time, 8 p.m. Bring this paper with you.