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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 7, No. 5 June 21, 1944

The Eve of St. Mark

The Eve of St. Mark

So many books have been written about the glory of this war; the courage of the men, and the patience of their women, that it needs a stern eye to decipher any original spark of appeal that might have inspired the writing.

Perhaps you know Maxwell Anderson by his two plays "Winterset" and "The Masque of Kings." If you enjoyed them then you will sympathise with the characters he creates in his latest play, "The Eve of St. Mark."

It is the same old story of love and war; of tea set in the kitchen at home, and malaria and mud in the trenches "out there." Perhaps the nightly visitations the fond mother and flance endure at home are over-done a little and come near to severing the thread of the story each time; and though the at, [unclear: rnating] "home" and "war" scenes destroy the expectancy, the thought is transferred very glibly from one, [unclear: et] to another.

The play has little value beyond a couple of hours' light reading entertainment; or some difficult producing for an American drama club to grapple with—it is too ordinary. If you must read plays, toy with Galsworthy or Oscar Wilde; If you must see them there is always Shakespeare.