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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 7, No. 5 June 21, 1944


See that student by the staircase—the one with the glint in his eye? Mark him well!

You have just ascended the steps and entered the main hall of Victoria College. The time: six o'clock on a Wednesday evening. Beware the beast of prey!

Carefully slipping through the swing doors you slip from pillar to pillar in vain attempt to reach the common room or cafeteria. Alas—you are seen. Four students with armfuls of papers detach themselves from a group and bear down on you from all sides. You are surrounded.

"Buy a 'Salient!'" they chorus.

"Buy a 'Salient!' chirps a pretty freshette, gazing into your eyes with dumb affection. Hurriedly you part with threepence before being seduced into purchasing an annual subscription. With yells of delight the pack depart in search of fresh game.

One more victory for the "Salient Hunters."