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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 1 March 28, 1944

Health Scheme

Health Scheme

Do you remember an epidemic which broke out in the College last year? It started in a small way as most epidemics do, but rapidly spread through all corridors, over the notice- boards and seemed to flourish most of all in the warm cheery atmosphere of the Cafe. This disease took the form of large brilliantly coloured spots which broke out in the most unexpected places during the early hours of the morning or just after dark. It is believed that the small number of students responsible for the spread of this disease were mere carriers and were themselves not affected.

These spots had a decidedly irritating effect, often leading to a definite rise in blood pressure and temperature, on any students coming within close range.

Terrible as this may sound the general effect on the College was not as drastic as may be expected. The spots disappeared from the corridors, walls, notice-boards, etc., gradually, without leaving any ugly blemishes and the students once more resumed their normal state of equilibrium.

Ah, but again, like all chronic diseases, there is likely to be another outbreak, perhaps not as severe as the original attack, but still quite disturbing.

And here we come to the point—for the health scheme of which you heard so much last year did not die a natural death as you all imagine—nor is it lying under several inches of dust with fungus growing on top. Oh no, during the vacation the committee in charge of this scheme has been busy arranging for a system of complete medical examinations of all students attending lectures at V.U.C. during the 1944 session, to be enforced. There is no need to elaborate on the advantages of such a scheme with which you are no doubt familiar.

Instead you are asked to prepare for a second outbreak and to do all you can to help the committee make this scheme a success by reading the article in the next issue of "Salient" and keeping a watchful eye on any likely locality for a fresh onset of last year's disease.